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Working From Home: How To Avoid Back Pain?

Given the unprecedented situation that we’re in, a significant portion of the working-class population is working for home.

While WFH has its own advantages, it also comes with several health challenges that must be heeded to with utmost seriousness. Back pain is among those challenges.

Lacking the right desk and chair – that one is used to at the office – takes a toll on the spine. Furthermore, poor habits like working from the bed or slouching on the sofa make things even worse.

If you’re too working from home, here are five important tips to avoid back pain:

1. Say No To Anything But Desk And Chair

Your bed might be enticing. That comfy cushion-laden sofa might look very good. But you want to avoid them all.

You’re going to be sitting and working for many hours in the day.

You want to have an infrastructure that complements a good posture. Usually, a simple chair and desk is the ideal choice here.

2. Adjust The Positions

The screen should be at the same height as your eyes. Else you will have to slouch, which would also affect your neck, shoulder and, of course, back.

Furthermore, you want the mouse to be by the side so that your arms are relaxed and shoulders aren’t strained.

So, once you have your chair and desk in place, make changes to make the setup even more efficient and good for your back.

Maybe increase the height of the chair? Or put the monitor or laptop on the top of some books to make it level your eyes?

3. Take A Small Break Every 40 Minute

You don’t want to sit for long stretches. You need the blood circulation going.

So, after every 40-45 minute, get up and take a small break; 3-5 minutes is ideal. In this mini-break, stretch your muscles, move around a bit and then sit back.

4. (Consciously) Maintain The Right Posture

Unless you don’t hunch already, this is something that you have to remind yourself consciously…

Maintain the right posture.

Don’t hunch over. Don’t slide down and rest against the chair’s back support.

Sit straight. Focus also on your neck and shoulder. Relax your hands and legs in a natural position.

For the first few days, you will have to remind these to yourself until they become default.

5. Understand Your Body’s Needs

No matter how important the work is, if you aren’t feeling well, take a break.

Understand your body’s needs.

Do you feel your shoulder, neck, and back are hurting?Are your muscles feeling tense?If so, change your posture and position. Get up for some time and walk a bit.

In short, do look for signs and responses from your body. And then act accordingly.


These are five important tips to avoid back pain and have a healthier spine while you’re working from home.

In addition, of course, take proper care of your health.

Eat right, keep yourself hydrated all the time and, most importantly, get enough sleep. If you have a terrace or balcony, go and get some fresh air there. Get some sun exposure.

Invest just as much on your back and overall health, as you’re investing in your work.

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