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Dr. Manoj Khemani brings to you the most advanced Orthopedic treatment with a unique combination of knowledge, skill and technology.
Dr Manoj Kumar Khemani best ortho Knee replacment

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Specialized Orthopedics to meet your needs

Dr. Manoj Kumar Khemani is one of the best orthopedic surgeons in Kolkata, India. He specializes in Joint Replacement, Trauma (especially fracture surgery) and Arthroscopy. Dr. Khemani is pioneer in Augmented Reality (AR) technology knee replacement. He has a vast experience….

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    Best orthopedic doctor in kolkata

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    Specialized Orthopedics to Meet Your Need


    What Our Patients Say

    hip arthritis treatment

    “Dr Manoj Khemani is a brilliant, passionate, hard working and a dedicated surgeon, who is not only caring but also humble and polite!!”

    N. Ghosh

    U. K.

    “I am so much benefitted with Dr Manoj kumar’s heel pain treatment, that i am perfectly fine now. One of my colleague referred to him. He has so much knowledge that for everything my family takes his reference. He is so pleasant to talk to and always ready to answer your doubts. Also the clinic is well designed and has all facilities for patients. The friendliness of staff is the best in the Healing Touch Clinic.”

    N. Sharma



    B. VIVEK.


    “A Doctor….. whom you can depend blindly. “

    A. ROY


    “In today’s world it’s difficult to find doctors like Dr. Khemani who not only have a sound operative technique but is equally passionate about his patients well being. I wish there were many more doctors like him.”

    R. Kumar


    “Very very effective and eminent consultant with great feeling towards patients….really healing touch…..”

    S. GHOSH


    “Very good doctor. Excellent surgical hand. Fully satisfied. Recommended for knee replacement operation.”

    R. Bose

    knee pain relief

    ” Happy with: Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction, Value for money, Wait time. He is very helpful and nicely explains my health condition. He suggests me what I have to do to get relief from pain. “

    S. P. BAKSHI


    “Doctor Khemani was very polite and explained the ailment in detail when I asked. He understood the problem and gave excellent advice due to which I recovered very quickly.”



    “We had excellent experience..He is not only a good doctor, a very reassuring and approachable human being too..I had to call him 4 times on a day, as we had an emergency situation, every time I found him equally responsive. Thanks a lot. “



    “His experience is very good. I felt like I am talking to a long-time friend. Dr Manoj paid full attention and listened to each and every word I had to say. I felt like 50% of my problem was gone after talking to him! I have never found any doctor having so much patience. Explained every little thing… Clarified all my small doubts … I strongly recommend him. “


    osteoporosis treatment

    “He listens to my problems very carefully and gave me very good treatment. Thanks”



    “Best knee replacement doctor in kolkata.”


    ortho doctor

    ” Happy with: Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction, Value for money, Wait time. He is very helpful and nicely explains my health condition. He suggests me what I have to do to get relief from pain. “



    “My brother had a bad accident. His leg bone was broken in 4 pieces. We thought that he would never walk properly again. He started walking with help of walker in 2 days after operation. He was completely fit in 1 month and joined his office. Dr. Khemani is undoubtedly the best. “



    “After consulting many doctors I finally got my knees replaced. He was so friendly that 99% of my fear of operation was gone after talking to him. The whole process went so well I don’t know what I was afraid of in the first place. Thanks to him I am completely pain free.”

    MRS. M. JAIN



    The Most Frequent Questions

    Find solution for all your orthopedic problems

    From Hip pain and Knee Pain to Fractures and Sports injuries, get treated for all your issues. As the best orthopedic doctor in Kolkata, Dr. Manoj Kumar Khemani specializes in a wide range of bone and joint-related problems. His major expertise lies in advanced joint replacements and reconstructions.

    Quality treatment that brings your life back on track

    Always in sync with the recent developments in the medical field, Dr. Manoj Kumar Khemani leverages the latest practices and techniques. This adds quality to his treatments, ensuring to resolve your problems and have your life back on track quickly.

    Extensive experience that speaks volume

    Dr. Manoj Kumar Khemani has over 15 years of experience in joint replacement surgery. He has treated over 15000 patients with knee pain. Over this course, he has also treated innumerable patients for their wide range of needs and requirements. His extensive experience alone has made him a go-to orthopedic specialist in Kolkata.

    Easy to book appointment

    Don’t wait for days when you need the treatment immediately. Don’t spend hours in the lines and waiting rooms. Book your appointment for the best ortho doctor in Kolkata at Healing Touch Clinic online or over phone – quickly and easily.

    Hygienic clinic with all the necessary equipment

    Take a break from unclean and congested clinics. At the Healing Touch clinic, we take hygiene very seriously. In addition, as a home to the best orthopedic surgeon in Kolkata, the clinic also packs necessary equipment for adequate treatment. You will enjoy the ambience at Healing Touch clinic.

    Personalized experience guaranteed

    What has made Dr. Manoj Kumar Khemani the best bone doctor in Kolkata is not only his commitment to provide quality treatment but also a satisfying experience to patients. He listens, he understands, he works closely with every patient.