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About Me

Dr. Manoj Kumar Khemani is a highly qualified and experienced orthopedic surgeon, showcasing a remarkable clinical expertise. He is recognized for his proficiency in complicated joint replacements, owing to his specialized training in Mumbai, Hyderabad and Thailand.

With a history of treating over 25,000 patients, Dr. Khemani holds an alumni status from B. S. Medical College, Calcutta University. He furthered his specialization through orthopedic training at the esteemed Dr. D. Y. Patil Medical College in Pune.

His educational journey includes the achievement of an MS in Orthopedics from Texila American University and Mch. Ortho degree from the University of Seychelles. In addition, he completed an Advanced Trauma Life Support course from AIIMS, showcasing his commitment to continuous learning and skill development. Dr. Khemani furthered his knowledge and expertise through a Fellowship in Arthroplasty at Nanavati Hospital in Mumbai and Sunshine hospital, Hyderabad.

Within his professional community, Dr. Khemani is a distinguished figure, having delivered numerous lectures at both national and regional orthopedic conferences. In his dedication to community service, he has organized several free medical camps, providing essential care to underprivileged patients. This showcases his commitment to improving healthcare accessibility and addressing the needs of those in need.

Dr. Khemani holds significant official positions in multiple orthopedic associations, notably the West Bengal Orthopedic Association, West Bengal Arthroplasty Society and the Indian Orthopedic Association.

My Expertise

Dr. Khemani is highly proficient in a range of orthopedic specialties, including Joint Replacement surgeries, Complex Trauma, Arthroscopy, and Sports injuries. Additionally, he specializes in General and Elderly orthopedics, with a keen interest in osteoporosis and its associated complications.

A member of prominent medical associations such as the Indian Medical Association, Indian Orthopedic Association, and West Bengal Orthopedic Association, Dr. Manoj Kumar Khemani is also a life member of key organizations like Trauma Society of India, Indian Arthroscopy Society, West Bengal Arthroplasty Society, and Kolkata Arthroscopy & Sports Surgery Society.

Operating from his clinic, Healing Touch, situated in Bangur Avenue, Kolkata, Dr. Khemani is devoted to his patients’ care. He frequently organizes free check-up camps in his clinic and various other locations, demonstrating his commitment to the welfare of his patients.

His Patients love him for his dedication to them. Read their Testimonials.

He specializes in a variety of bone and joint related problems. He is specially trained for:

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Dr. Manoj Kumar Khemani

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Our Mission

As a leading orthopedic specialist in Kolkata, Dr. Manoj Kumar Khemani strives to offer not just superior quality treatment but also a personalized experience to all patients. Over the years, here at Healing Touch Clinic, we have worked with the same collective mission. And our indomitable track record underlines this beyond well.

Dr. Manoj Kumar Khemani is a favorite orthopedic surgeon and orthopedic specialist in Kolkata for thousands of patients. He is a highly reputed name, trusted for a wide range of bone and joint-related problems. As we move forward, covering many more milestones and getting accolades, we pledge to stay true to our core mission.

Our Vision

At the Healing Touch Clinic, we vision a future where healthcare is more affordable and accessible to even the most economically disadvantaged. One of the big reasons why Dr. Manoj Kumar Khemani is a leading orthopedic surgeon in Kolkata is his commitment to provide high-quality treatment at an affordable cost.

We’re making continuous efforts to take further strides in this direction to make our treatment more accessible. We also hope to inspire other orthopedic doctors in the city and country to make similar efforts and serve every section of the society irrespective of their financial constraints. (Good) Health is a fundamental human right. As doctors, we must assure that people’s this right isn’t compromised.