(Specialist Orthopaedic Surgeon)

Why Is Your Hip Hurting?

Have you started experiencing hip pain out of nowhere?

Of course, if you have met with an accident or if you have overdone the exercise at the gym – it makes sense you have hip pain.

But if the onset is inexplicable, it certainly shouldn’t be taken lightly. Not at least if it has lasted for more than two weeks and is accompanying other symptoms. Other symptoms include pain or discomfort in your groin, buttocks, thigh, knee, and lower back. (This is called radiated pain; pain that radiates from the injured or diseased part to the adjoining parts.)

What Could Be Wrong?

There are many reasons why your hip could be hurting. Rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, bursitis, muscle strain, and tendinitis are some of the common causes. Hip fracture is common as well and it doesn’t necessarily need to involve high impact; weaker bones and joints can fracture relatively easily even when you’re doing your mundane tasks.

People who are old, do physically strenuous work, or live a sedentary lifestyle – these groups are at higher risk of getting hip pain. Are you one of them?

Don’t Self-Diagnose

Now, self-diagnosis based on some articles or quiz you consume online is almost always a bad idea.

So, even in this case, it’s recommended to seek professional help. Visit the best hip replacement surgeon in VIP road Kolkata for consultation.

This is especially true if the pain is severe and is affecting your movement as well as overall lifestyle. You must head to a good orthopedic clinic in Kolkata without any delay.

The doctor will do a physical examination and ask you a few questions, like your lifestyle habits, if you have been involved in any accident recently, if you’re seeing other symptoms, and so forth.

In addition, your doctor might even order tests for an accurate diagnosis. Depending on the case, it could be x-rays, CT scan, and/or MRI scan.

Following the diagnosis, the right course of treatment would be selected.

Would You Need A Surgery?

Reducing the pain and managing other symptoms would be the priority here. Aside from pain killers and other medicines, your doctor might advise you for physiotherapy or/and steroid injections. In rare cases, hip replacement surgery might be recommended; it might even be the only option. But, again, surgeries aren’t a common treatment; it’s only for rare and severe cases.

Your recovery will depend on various factors, including the cause of your hip pain, the course of treatment you’re put on, and how closely you’re following your doctor’s advice.

Don’t Panic – But Be Smart

In general, unless you’re among the high-risk groups, your hip pain would go away within days with some rest. If the pain is too discomforting, you can go for OTC painkillers. But if the pain is severe, accompanying other symptoms, and/or recurring, it’s best you visit a good orthopedic clinic in Kolkata.