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Why Do You Get Fractures And Sprains So Often?

A 2010 India Today report titled ‘India’s Bone Crisis’ mentioned 4.4 lakh people in our country get hip fractures every year. The report admits “Indians are overly prone to fractured bones”.

Another study published in the Indian Journal of Medical Research in 2018 showed that over 69 percent of people in Delhi between the age of 38 and 68 suffer from continuous bone loss and face a high risk of fractures.

When It’s (Un)Common

Admittedly, at some point in life, most of us will get a fracture or ligament injury. It’s common!

However, if the fractures or sprains are recurring and happening often, it’s a tell that there’s much more to the problem. There could be a serious underlying reason behind that, which likely requires a thorough diagnosis and proper treatment.

If you’re sustaining injuries even on the slightest trip or fall, the reasons for that could be several.

Aging, Young, And Injuries

For starters, older people are more prone to fractures and sprains. This happens because as they age, their bones lose mass and get weaker. Plus, they are at a greater risk of falling. Similarly, the risks for athletes are higher as well. They are exposed to high-force impact, which could lead to a crack in the bone.

It’s also worth noting, however, that even those young people who do not get involved in much of physical activities, they can sustain fractures and sprains due to little bumps. A sedentary lifestyle weakens and poorly-conditions the bones, which leave them open to injuries.

Despite your age and lifestyle though, the fundamental reason why you’re sustaining fractures and sprains often is weak bones. Now, why are bones weak (and joints inflexible)–that needs to be established through proper case analysis.


Indians And Sedentary Lifestyle

As mentioned earlier, a sedentary lifestyle is a big culpable factor. And this is a serious problem, particularly in a country like India where 3 in 4 adolescents are not active enough. If you’re not getting enough exercise every day, that could be the reason behind your regular injuries.

Vitamin D Deficiency

Vitamin D deficiency is another major problem, which is associated with a higher rate of bone loss, muscle weakness, and several other orthopedic problems, which puts you at a greater risk of fractures. In India, 70-90 percent of people have Vitamin D deficiency. You might very well be among them.

Seeing A Doctor

It’s essential that, if you’re getting injured on a regular basis, you go and see the best orthopedic doctor in Kolkata, if you live in the city. (Even if the pain is mild and recovery fast!) Finding out the reason behind it is an important step to ensure effective treatment and long-term relief.

A bone specialist doctor in Kolkata will do physical examination and order x-ray. In case, if the case is complex or critical, they may even order you to do an MRI or CT scan. There are many different types of fractures, which subsequently decide the kind of treatment is necessary. Similarly, with sprains, there are different types. First, it would be graded and then the right course of treatment would be picked.


Don’t brush off those injuries. Or, for that matter, do not always settle for home remedies. If the underlying reason for your frequent fractures or sprains isn’t identified and treated, it could lead to serious problems as you age. So, connect with the best orthopedic doctor and take confident strides towards better orthopedic care and health.