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When To Visit An Orthopedic Doctor (And When Home Remedies Are Enough)?

It matters one’s health. So, it shouldn’t be trivialized. But then it is!

Many people, despite evident bone and joint-related issues, simply refuse to visit an orthopedic doctor in Kolkata for checkup and treatment. They rely entirely on home remedies that, in many cases, delay the ‘right treatment’ and aggravate the problem.

When it comes to orthopedic health, knowing what signs to look for, when to try home remedies and when to rush to a doctor is very important.

After all, that faint but nagging back pain can be much more than just due to your bad chair.

Or that knee pain can be a simple ache and not ACL tear.

To help sort this confusion…

Here are 3 times when you must visit an orthopedic doctor in Kolkata instead of depending on home remedies:

1. You Have Trouble Moving

You can brush away some pain and continue with your normal life. But then some injuries and pains can’t be brushed.

They are more serious. They have hurt your mobility. You can’t move. Or, at least, you can’t move without being in extreme pain.

Such injuries or issues that would possibly affect your regular day-to-day life – and do so for a long period – they demand the immediate attention of qualified (and experienced) professionals.

So, if you’re experiencing a bone or joint-related problem that’s making it difficult for you to move, visit an orthopedic clinic; or visit a specialist like joint replacement surgeon in Kolkata if you’re aware of the type of your injury.

2. It Doesn’t ‘Feel’ Right

Often, when it’s something serious, you would know automatically about the severity of the problem.

You would have that inner ‘feeling’ when you would know that something isn’t right.

For instance: you were walking, you slipped and you felt a pop in your knee. You would instantly know something has gone awry and requires immediate help from doctors.

So, if you aren’t particularly feeling good about your problem and you’re worried about it, that’s a telltale.

Don’t wait for “let’s see if it feels better tomorrow”. Don’t act reluctantly.

If your intuition says something bad has happened with your bone or joint, it could very well be right.


3. Your Lifestyle Demands It

You can carry on with a mild ankle injury if you spend the large part of your day sitting on a comfy seat and staring at the computer.

But if you lead an active lifestyle, if you exercise regularly, if you travel often – having bone or joint issues might be too discomforting and inefficient.

So, it isn’t solely about the injury. It’s just as much about your lifestyle – and overall health.

If an orthopedic problem brings a small pause in your story, you would definitely want to see a specialist so as to get back on the track as quickly as possible.

Treat It At Home (Treat It At The Clinic)

There are many instances when you would simply know that your bone and joint issue needs professional attention.

So, act accordingly and get attended by an orthopedic doctor in Kolkata, India.

That said, in select cases, the problems can indeed be solved through home remedies. For instance, if the injured or problematic spot has not swelled and gone red, it’s a good sign. If you can still move, that’s a good sign as well. If the problem has emerged only yesterday and the symptoms are mild, there might not be any urgency.

In general, true to “prevention is better than cure” – you should always visit an orthopedic specialist if you’re experiencing any bone and joint-related. In case if you’re DIYer with love for home remedies – and you’re simply trying to save money – knowing which orthopedic problem warrants help from specialists and which not is equally important.