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What You Need To Know About The Different Types of Hip Replacement Surgery?

When an individual suffers from hip pain or has met with an accident and failed to respond to the basic treatment methods, then a specialized hip surgery is advised by the doctors.

Depending on each patient’s pathological condition and anatomical presentation there are different types of hip surgery that can be carried out. Given in the blog below are three different types of hip surgeries that are commonly performed by the best hip replacement surgeon in Kolkata to treat orthopedic hip conditions.

Hip Replacement Surgery

This is commonly performed to treat hip conditions such as severe osteoarthritis and hip fractures. When your hip has become extremely painful or stiff to the point where it is limiting your ability to complete normal daily activities, and the severity of hip damage does not allow for surgical options, then a total hip arthroplasty can be a safe and effective operation to help decrease pain and restore hip function.


There are two main approaches to this:

  • Posterior approach

This type of hip surgery involves the surgeon creating a 4-6 inches of incision along the outer buttock, the splitting of the gluteus maximus muscle, and the detaching (and later reattaching of the piriformis muscle and the superior gemeli muscle (2 hip rotator muscles).

The head of the femur is removed and a metal stem is placed in the hollow part of the femur which is followed by the placement of a metal or ceramic ball on the top of the stem that acts as the new head of the femur. Then the acetabulum (socket) of the hip joint is removed and replaced with a new metal socket.

  • Anterior approach

With this type of hip replacement surgery the surgeon actually makes an incision on the front part of the upper thigh, although there is no need to cut through muscle. The removal of the damaged joint and then the addition of the implants is similar to the posterior approach.

This approach may allow for an earlier return to activities and a significant decrease in the risk of dislocation.

Hip Preservation Surgery/Hip Arthroscopy

Hip arthroscopy is one type of hip surgery that may be performed when the hip joint damage is not that severe enough to warrant a hip replacement, but the patients still have significant pain despite the conservative treatment.

During hip arthroscopy, a camera (arthroscope) is inserted into the hip joint through a very small incision. Once the problem is identified, other instruments are inserted into the hip joint through separate small incisions and are used to correct the problem.

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