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Tennis Elbow: What are the Symptoms and Treatments? (Part 2/2)

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Tennis Elbow Treatment

For many people, tennis elbow gets better on its own. Taking basic at-home measures can improve the condition.

For one, it’s essential you rest your arm. Whatever activity you’re doing that has caused this condition, stop doing that for the next few weeks. Also, apply ice to the affected area. Do this 3-5 times a day for at least 10 minutes every time. This will help with swelling and inflammation.

You should also use an elbow strap or tennis elbow band to prevent any further strain on the injured tendon.

If the pain is there, you can also opt for OTC pain medications. (Remember, some OTC medications may cause side effects; so, please consult your doctor or the pharmacist before taking any medicines.)

Your doctor will outline these measures. They may even recommend several motion exercises to help reduce arm stiffness and regain flexibility.

In case the condition still isn’t getting better, your orthopedic doctor would advise physiotherapy, which would focus on strengthening and stretching your elbow through several activities and exercises.


Do You Need Surgery for Tennis Elbow?

If the condition still persists and the pain hasn’t receded even after months of trying other measures, surgery would be the last option. The procedure involves removing the damaged part of the tendon and repairing the existing one.

Note, however, that surgery is recommended only in severe cases of tennis elbow. There’s a good chance your tennis elbow would get better with the above-mentioned measures, provided you stick to the doctor’s advice. So, rest assured; the top orthopedic doctors in Kolkata would advise for surgery for tennis elbow only in rare cases.

Post-surgery, a complete recovery will take a few months before you’re back to the old self.

Final Words

Throughout the treatment process, it’s important to track your improvement.

Keep an eye on whether or not your condition is improving. Signs like no or reduced pain, you now being able to make a grip easily, or pick up a weight are tell-tale that your condition is getting better.

However, if there’s no such sign after weeks of trying what your doctor has ordered or advised, visit the doctor again. They will do further examinations and conclude better treatment.

In the end, if your elbow has healed, a key task at hand is to prevent tennis elbow; make sure the condition doesn’t resurface.

The preventive steps include avoiding putting strain on your elbows, doing basic arm stretches and exercises, and keeping an eye on the early symptoms of tennis elbow.

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