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Sprained Ankle: Do You Need To See An Orthopedic Doctor?

You don’t need to be an athlete to sprain your ankle.

Maybe you were just walking around and, unknowingly, stepped on a stone that twisted your ankle and damaged your ligament.

[In fact, people who aren’t athletic and live a sedentary lifestyle, they are more prone to orthopedic injuries due to poor conditioning and strength. But that’s a whole different conversation altogether.]

So, spraining your ankle is common. It can happen even on the most mundane day.

The Severity of Sprain

Generally, many people choose to treat their sprains at home instead of heading to the best ankle specialist in Ultadanga, Kolkata. At best, they visit their local physician who prescribes them pain medications.

In reality, seeing an orthopedic specialist should be at the top in the course of action following any injury.

The severity of ankle sprain varies between individuals. Some can be extremely mild that can feel better in just a day, others are more critical with the extent of ligament tear big. In the latter case, at-home treatment would not only be ineffective but can even further-up the damage of the injury.

In addition, even if the sprain is mild, with a lack of proper treatment, self-healing can take a lot of time and cause a lot of pain.

Appropriate and timely treatment is essential when it comes to a ligament tear.

Visiting An Ankle Specialist

Upon visiting an orthopedic best doctor in Kolkata, to understand the true nature of the injury, X-ray would be done. In severe cases where the diagnoses aren’t clear, the doctor may ask for other diagnostic tests as well, like MRI, ultrasound, and CT scan. Detailed analysis can reveal the severity of the injury, which will then map the course of treatment.

Other than advising about self-care, the ankle specialist would prescribe medication and even recommend walking device. In the subsequent appointment, following movement test, the doctor would help you begin specific exercises that will gradually bring stability, balance, and strength to your ankle, enabling you to resume your regular activities sooner.

In serious cases, you may be recommended to a physical therapist to start a rehabilitative regimen for adequate healing.

Rarely does ankle sprain requires surgery. However, if the recovery is unsatisfactory and healing is taking too much of time, your doctor may consider an invasive treatment.

Have You Hurt Your Ankle?

Instead of trying the home remedies, sustaining pain, and risking worsening your injury, visit the best ankle specialist in Ultadanga. Orthopedic injuries should be taken in priority. Immediate and appropriate treatment can prevent long-term repercussions.

So, if you have hurt your ankle, don’t brush it off and settle for just rest. Get it diagnosed to establish its severity and then take proper measures as advised by your doctor to recover quickly and the right way.