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Sports Injuries and 5 Possible Complications

With advanced technology and medicinal therapies available today, sports injuries are easier to treat than ever. However, that said, complications might still pop-up. So, if you’ve sustained one such injury, be it a concussion, sprain, stress fracture or something else, it’s essential that you know how to sidestep such snags and keep your recovery on the right track.

In that context, here are five factors that may complicate your recovery period-

  • Not taking care of yourself: Self-care is the most important part of the recovery. And yet, so many people act reluctantly. They don’t eat right, they don’t do the necessary tests on time, they don’t go for a doctor’s appointment on time. Moreover, they partake in activities that worsen their injury. It’s important that you take proper care of yourself and take all the necessary precautions.
  • Getting treated by the wrong doctor: Your recovery will only be as good as the doctor treating your injury. So, it’s essential that you find the right clinician or orthopedic surgeon in Bangur, Kolkata who has the right specialization and experience to treat sports injuries. Unfortunately, many patients end up with the wrong doctor; meaning, they get below-par treatment and services, and this limits their recovery.
  • Not taking physiotherapy seriously: Many people assume this as something optional when in reality this is quite important. Physiotherapy not only heals your injury, but it also eases your lifestyle back to your normal days. It ensures your better physical health and easy transition from injured-you to healthy-you. Not taking your physiotherapy seriously can give rise to many physical problems.
  • Rushing the recovery phase: This is another quite basic mistake that patients make; it’s an even bigger one if you lead an active lifestyle. You want to resume your normal life as soon as possible. While this isn’t bad in itself, rushing the process can stem many complications. If, for ligament injury, your doctor has advised for 1km walk, you shouldn’t go for 10km; if the doctor has advised for 6 weeks of complete rest, you can’t take it as “3 weeks”. Pushing yourself to heal only worsens the injury.
  • Not following the doctor’s advice: They know better. They understand your injury inside-out and they know better the best way to heal. Listening to the doctor intently and following his advice religiously is important. Of course, that’s not what many patients do. And they eventually end up with severe complications which delay their recovery and increase treatment cost.

These are five common factors that cause complications in the recovery of sports injury. If you’ve sustained any injury and if you want a fast, easy and hassle-free recovery, fight these factors and sidestep the possible complications.