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Should One Go For Knee Replacement Surgery?

Owing to the technological advancements in the field, knee surgeries are safer today, yielding a much higher success rate. (This is, at least, if done by the best doctor for knee surgery.) However, it’s still an invasive treatment where your damaged bone and cartilage are cut away, removed, and replaced by a prosthesis that is made of metal alloys, polymers and high-grade plastics. There are still risks. The recovery will take its time. In the recovery phase (in the first month in particular), you will experience some discomfort and limitations in movement. So, it’s natural one wonder whether they should opt for knee surgery in the first place or not.

When Other Treatments Have Failed

Usually, such invasive treatments are the last resort, only recommended by doctors after other non-invasive alternatives have failed. So, if you experience knee pain, resulting from any accidents, osteoporosis, or any other condition that has damaged your cartilage, the best bone doctor in Kolkata would first try to treat it with medications. Next, they would recommend therapy that will help strengthen your knee and make it stable. In certain cases, doctors may even suggest injecting certain medications or drugs like corticosteroids. In addition, they would recommend making lifestyle changes. Only after these measures have failed to show the desired results, they would advise for surgery. The kind of surgery – whether partial knee replacement or total knee replacement – depends on your condition.

Ask Your Doctor Lots of Questions

Remember, if your doctor has indeed asked you to go for knee surgery, that’s because other treatments didn’t work. They have a definite reason. They have likely weighed in the pros and cons of this step – and they believe the pros outweigh the cons. So, it’s usually in the best interest of the patients to hear their orthopedic doctors and follow their advice. That said, you would have your concerns. In that case, it’s your doctor’s responsibility to address all your questions; it’s their responsibility to ensure that you have a fair idea of how this procedure will go, what you can expect from it, how will the recovery look, and what measures you will have to take on your end to make the surgery a complete success. So, do ask them questions and make sure you have all your answers (and a clear expectation) before going into the surgery room. For more information, please contact the best bone doctor in Kolkata.