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Prevent Broken Bones And Joint Injuries: 5 Tips To Stay Safe In 2020

You don’t necessarily have to be an athlete to get a sprained ankle or fractured knee.

During your Netflix marathon, you got up to get water and you twisted your ankle.

Rushing to cross the road before it’s green for the cars, you tripped, fell and broke your knee.

Bone and joint-related injuries are common and can happen when you least expect them. Since they can obstruct your daily life and sometimes come with a hefty cost (and not to forget the pain and inconvenience they cause), it’s essential you do all to prevent them.

Here are 5 tips to prevent broken bones and joint injuries to stay safe and healthy in 2020:

1. Say Goodbye To Your Sedentary Lifestyle

Your sedentary lifestyle is doing you more damage than you may realize. It’s weakening your bones, joints, and muscles, significantly increasing the risk factors of injuries.

So, if you spend most of your time sitting and lying on the bed, you want to change that in 2020. Get physically active.

2. Build Muscles

Skeletal muscles around the bones and joints act as their shield. They provide stability to the skeletal structure. Moreover, they prevent excess movement of the bones and joints. These prevent inflammation, damage and deformation of the bones and joints.

So, it’s essential that your body has a sufficient amount of muscles.

Take up exercises and diet that adds to your muscles.

Now, this doesn’t mean you bulk-up like a body-builder. You want to maintain an ideal BMI. Consult your nutritionist or any of the renowned orthopedic doctors in Kolkata for help you in this department.

3. Improve Your Diet

There are certain food items that are good for your bones and joints. And you want to add more of these foods to your daily meals.

Some of the foremost choices that strengthen bones and joints include salmon, yogurt, calcium-fortified cereal, broccoli, cheddar cheese, sardines, and dark leafy greens.

Again, before making any drastic change to your diet based on some article you read online, you want to consult a good doctor.

4. Invest In The Right Shoes

This might not look like a big deal but it makes a big difference given so many ankle injuries happen due to poorly-built and uncomfortable footwear.

So, you want to invest in good quality shoes that have a proper heel, quality sole, enough cushion and good support all around. A small investment like this one can help you steer clear of common sprains and fractures that usually stem from personal carelessness.

5. Be Careful When Moving

This goes without saying but it’s still something that must be reminded to all.

When walking, running and changing your posture, you want to be careful enough. Avoid any sudden movement and jerking. Keep your senses open to any pain and strain.

Even a small bit of care from your end can help you prevent bone and joint-related injuries.

Get Treated By The Right Doctor

In case, despite all the preventive measures, if you still get injured, it’s essential that you visit a good orthopedic doctor immediately. For instance, if you have sustained an ankle injury, find the best ankle specialist in Ultadanga. If you have injured your back, find the best spine specialist.

The right professional by your side can help diagnose the problem quickly and efficiently, and then prescribe proper treatment on time. Moreover, they can also help you save money by opening you to alternative treatments over straight-up going to something that is expensive.

But that said, the above-mentioned five tips are adequate to keep your bones and joints safe, strong and injury-free.

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