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Preparing For Post-Pandemic World: Is Your Body Ready?

COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdowns have shifted human habits and preferences over the past year. More people are experiencing different forms of health problems. For instance, while the work-from-home model is beneficial, it’s also resulting in people struggling with orthopedic issues, especially back pain. Now, as the world prepares for vaccination and to bid adieu the pandemic, we’re slowly striding back to the pre-coronavirus normal. But is your body ready for that “normal”? Are you ready to adopt a healthier lifestyle that’s outside your existing comfort bubble?

Here are 5 tips to better prepare your body for the post-pandemic world:

  • Define what’s healthy for you– For some people, four hours of workout everyday can be healthy; for others, 45-minute of jogging is more than enough. So, instead of following what someone else is saying, figure out what’s healthy for you; what habits and routine work better for you; what is more beneficial for your health. And then take action accordingly.
  • Treat it as a new beginning– This could be a reset many of us may need. So, if this pandemic brought bad news for your health, the post-pandemic world can be a new beginning for you where you are more aware of your health.
  • Get help from doctors– The fatigue you feel, that knee pain, or that constant headache, such problems require professional help. So, Google “best orthopedist near me” and see a bone doctor in Kolkata if you’re experiencing orthopedic problems. If your blood pressure or blood glucose level is high, approach the right specialist and seek proper treatment.
  • Make progressive changes– If you don’t particularly live a healthy and active lifestyle, things won’t take a 360 in a week or month. The changes you want to see will take some time. You will have to spare more time and efforts in adopting a healthier lifestyle and conditioning your body (and mind) the right way. This requires you to make progressive changes and not adopt a radical ‘I-will-do-it-in-a-month’ approach.
  • Tap on the right diet and supplements– Fix your diet; make sure you’re eating nutritious food. At the same time, depending on your health needs and requirements, take supplements after consulting your doctor. Many Indians have vitamin D deficiency, which results in several health risks, including weakened bone and poor orthopedic health. You can take a supplement for this. So, again, fix your diet; make sure you’re eating healthier breakfast, dinner, lunch and snack.

These are five tips to prepare your body for the post-pandemic world. Ensure you’re physically (and mentally) ready to welcome a healthier ‘normal’.