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Pregnancy and Orthopedic Problems: How to Prepare

During pregnancy, women’s body go through several changes. This transition often leads to orthopedic problems in many cases. Usually, these problems aren’t something to worry about. They don’t linger; post-delivery they go away. However, it’s still a good idea to have a fair idea of these problems, how to deal with them effectively, and when to raise flag.

Lower Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common complaints of pregnant women. As they near the due date, they start experiencing significant back pain due to changes in weight, which can be severe at times. Having a strong back helps. In addition, per the doctor’s recommendations, these women can try back-strengthening exercises. The right workout routine can play a big role in mitigating back pain, or at least keeping it mild. In case the pain is severe and sustainable, it’s usually recommended to get in touch with the best bone doctor in Kolkata and seek their professional advice. They can offer some recommendations as to how expecting mothers can manage their back pain.


Pain in the Heels

Carpal tunnel syndrome is another common orthopedic problem pregnant women face. In this, they experience pain and numbness in their hands and fingers. It gets worse due to higher fluid retention during pregnancy, especially in the latter trimester. Added weight further worsens the condition. In many cases, this may not necessarily require any additional treatment. The pain or tingling is negligent. But to ease it up, one can apply ice compression on the hand and wrist. In severe cases, cortisone injections could be recommended.

Other Orthopedic Problems During Pregnancy

There are several other bone and joint-related issues women go through during pregnancy, including osteitis pubis (causes inflammation at the front of the pelvis) and plantar fasciitis (causes pain in the heels). It’s important that women stay aware of the orthopedic problems they experience, whether big or small, and seek proper treatment whenever needed.

Seek Proper Treatment

During pregnancy, with the excitement at peak, and other physical/emotional health challenges keeping one occupied (from morning sickness to high irritability), it’s common to oversee the bone and joint-related problems. If you’re pregnant, don’t do that. Attend your physical health needs seriously. Just like when you’re hurt you would rush to the best doctors for knee surgery for consultant, similarly, show the same care and urgency whenever you experience any orthopedic problem during pregnancy.