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Old And With Orthopedic Problems: 10 Regrets You’ll Have In Your 50s

When you’re young, you would feel invincible. But then aging is inevitable – and so are the possible problems that come with aging.

Many people in their youth overlook their body’s needs and requirements. This seemingly innocuous attitude results in several health-related issues when they get old. It’s very common with orthopedic health.

People ignore the health of their bones and joints for long. As they go past their 50, many of them start noticing small orthopedic problems. These problems only get worse with the passing months and years. While some people finally choose to approach the top orthopedic doctors in India, many remain reluctant. Both of the groups, however, struggle with regrets. If only they heeded to their orthopedic health through basic measures when young, they would still be at their very best. But now they can’t walk properly, have aches in hip and knee, fracture quite easily, get sprains with little bumps, or has some other issue that hurts their agility, flexibility, and mobility.

You don’t want to be one of them.

But if you do manage to end up on the same spot, you’ll likely share the same regrets.

Here are 7 regrets you will have in your 50s and beyond as orthopedic problems start creeping in:

1. Not Getting Enough Sunlight

This is very basic. If you aren’t getting enough vitamin D, your body won’t be able to absorb calcium. So, it’s essential to get vitamin D in a proper amount every day, which helps protect your bones.
Sunlight is the best source of vitamin D.

2. Not Considering Calcium Supplements

Getting insufficient calcium will hurt your bone density. It is perhaps one of the most important elements in keeping your bones healthy.

If you’re not getting enough calcium from a daily diet, you should consider getting supplements.

3. Insufficient Protein Intake

Protein makes up 50 percent volume of your bones. It is equally important as vitamin D and calcium, providing strength and flexibility to the bones.

Sadly, Indian diets are weak in providing enough protein to the body.

4. Choosing A Sedentary Lifestyle

This is an alarmingly rising trend that should be addressed seriously.

Lack of physical activity attracts countless health problems, including bone weakening.This is, in fact, a big part of the conversation among the top orthopedic doctors in India.

5. Not Running And Working Out

The more you work out (in a proper way), the stronger will your bones and joints get. And this will make sure that they are healthy even when you’re very old.

But then, for whatever reasons, you’re not working out enough. (Or, you’re not working out at all, voluntarily hurting your orthopedic health.)

6. Enjoying Bad Habits

You smoke a lot. You drink a lot. You’re sleep-deprived. You’re eating all the unhealthy foods you come across.

And, most importantly, you’re enjoying all these bad habits, not knowing you’re going to regret this in a couple of decades.

7. Brushing Off The Injuries

Whenever you sustain an injury, you should straightaway head to a bone doctor in Kolkata. But that’s not what many people do.

They try to brush off these injuries.

This leaves a lasting impact on their bones and joints, showing up only in the latter years of life.


These are 7 regrets that you’ll end up with in your 50s, 60s, and beyond if you don’t start taking proper care of your orthopedic health from early on.

So, don’t assume that you’re young and invincible.

Your body might recover now better. It can heal itself. It might feel superbly able. But that’s now how it’s going to be forever. For the latter stages in your life, you must start thinking and caring about your bones and joints from today. Small measures like getting some sunlight can make all the difference in the world.