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Knee Replacement and Everything You Want to Know About it

Knee replacement surgery, or arthroplasty, has become quite a routine procedure today. Millions of people around the world opt for it to fix their acute knee problems, thanks to its longevity, which is expected to be anywhere between 20 and 25 years. Usually, people with severe arthritis are primary candidates for the surgery. Those with severe knee injury also go for arthroplasty.

Of course, if you’re experiencing knee problems, you must work along with your doctor to objectively know whether you really need a knee replacement or the alternative solutions are adequate.

Alternative solutions include taking the pain and anti-inflammatory medications, going through physical therapy, getting cortisone injections into the knee joint, losing weight and making other lifestyle changes.

If such alternatives fail, surgical treatment becomes rather essential. If you have severe pain and stiffness that’s causing difficulty in basic movement, if your knee is frequently swollen, if your knee has diagnosed or evident defects – your doctor might recommend arthroplasty.

Note, although the surgery has become quite easier, quicker, effective and safe today, as is the case with any invasive procedure, risks still exist. So, it’s important that you do your research thoroughly and find the best knee replacement surgeon in Kestopur, Kolkata.

Preparing for the surgery would include doing some basic tests like X-rays and blood tests. Your doctor would advise you how you should prepare for the big day; the foods you should have, foods you shouldn’t have, medicines you should take and so forth. Moreover, your existing conditions and medications, if any, would also be considered by the doctor in preparation for the surgery.

Arthroplasty usually takes somewhere between two and three hours. You will get general anesthesia. An incision will be made in front of the knee, the damaged part of the joint will be taken out and it will be replaced with the matching implant. Note, contrary to the popular belief, the surgery doesn’t include entirely replacing all the bones in the knee. Instead, it’s a resurfacing technique where only the bone from damaged surface is removed and replaced.

After the successful surgery, you would be able to be on your feet the next day. Of course, you would need support standing up; you would be given a cane, crutch, walker or parallel bars. Your hospital stay would likely be anywhere between four and five days. The recovery will depend on various factors, including your existing health conditions. You might need to go for physiotherapy for proper and quick recovery.

During the healing process, it’s essential to do the recommended physical exercises to gain strength in your repair knee.

Again, the success and recovery span of arthroscopy will depend a lot on the doctor handling your case. The more experienced and qualified she/he is, the better will it be for you. So, take your time to find one of the good Kolkata orthopedics doctors.

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