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Is Your Back Pain Too Severe?

It’s more prevalent among those with a day job. They sit on the chair for 9, 10 and even 11 hours a day at the office. So, getting back pain is too common.

However, keeping an eye on when that “common” crosses the threshold and become something serious and severe is very important. Because your posture not just affect your physical health but it also, if sustained for a long period, can influence how you feel, how you perform and the kind of overall lifestyle you lead.

So, if you’re experiencing back pain, paying heed to its severity is essential. if you spot or feel something serious, you should immediately visit no 1 orthopedic doctor in Kolkata.

Are You Seeing These Symptoms?

  • Nagging pain that has been there for more than a couple of days.
  • Pain that momentarily improves when you recline.
  • Occasional shooting or stabbing pain.
  • Pain that worsens with body movement.
  • Pain that radiates all over your back and reaches your leg.

Of course, when you’re experiencing these symptoms, you shouldn’t just rush to a spine specialist doctor in Kolkata. Besides, you wouldn’t anyway. There are several home remedies that can help your case.

You can take up specific stretches and exercises that are meant to reduce the back pain; like press-ups and cobra pose. You should proactively work to improve your posture. You should invest in good quality chair and mattress.

When To See A Doctor?

Home remedies can take you a long way. But they might not necessarily be effective in all cases. You must visit no 1 orthopedic doctor in Kolkata when…

  • Home treatments have failed
  • The pain is coming in your way of living a happy life
  • The pain has now lasted for more than 5 weeks
  • You feel tired throughout the day
  • The pain prevents you from falling asleep at night
  • The pain causes weakness or numbness in legs and/or arms
  • There’s unexplained loss in weight
  • You’re experiencing bladder problems


Do not take your back pain so lightly. Do not just assume that it would go away on its own. If left ignored, it can become something much serious and chronic.

So, pay attention. Take all the right measures. Visit a good doctor.

Your posture affects your entire physical and psychological health in the short and long term. Being concerned and proactively careful about your back pain is important.