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Is Knee Replacement Surgery A Good Choice for Your Parent?

9.6 percent of men and 18 percent of women, worldwide, above the age of 60, have symptomatic osteoarthritis. 80 percent of those affected experience limitations in movement. And 24 percent of them fail to perform major daily activities.

So, if your parents are past 60 years, it won’t be surprising that they have this degenerative joint disease. More so the parents in India, majority of who are unlikely to take proper care of their joints, muscles and overall health.

The question now comes…

Is knee replacement surgery a good choice for your parent?

The answer isn’t simple. Even if they are experiencing the symptoms of osteoarthritis, knee replacement surgery might not necessarily be a go-to option.

Before reaching any conclusion, you must consult a top orthopedic doctor in Kolkata.

Identify The Symptoms of Osteoarthritis

It’s not difficult to self-diagnose osteoarthritis. The symptoms are quite common and evident. It includes…

  • Pain in joints during and after any movement.
  • Loss of flexibility, leading to the limitation in the range of motions.
  • Due to soft tissue inflammation, there could be occasional swelling.
  • The joints become too tender even on light touch.
  • Stiffness after a period of rest or inactivity.
  • Occasional sound of popping or cracking.

Of course, there are several other symptoms of osteoarthritis; it varies between individuals. And most importantly, not all of them might be present in every case.

It Requires Grade IV Osteoarthritis

Even when all these symptoms are present in any of your parents, they might not necessarily require knee replacement surgery.

The invasive treatment is done only in grade IV osteoarthritis; and, depending on the condition, occasionally in grade III cases. The surgery is NOT done in grade I and grade II arthritis, which can, and should first, be treated with alternative (and non-invasive) methods.

So, before self-concluding that your parents do require knee replacement surgery because they are seeing symptoms of osteoarthritis, you must consult a good doctor first. Visit any orthopedic surgeon in Kestopur, Kolkata.

If the doctor says they require the surgery, they would usually lay out a plan for you, providing all the information that you and your parents should know.

Remember, not all osteoarthritis cases require surgery. But if left untreated and uncared in the initial stage, they would inevitably demand knee replacement surgery. So, if your parents experience joint pain, take them to a top orthopedic doctor in Kolkata today.