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In The 20s And With Knee Pain? Here’s What You Should Do

Knee pain among young adults is more common than what many believe. In fact, as many as 1 in 3 young adults experience knee pain at some time or other.

If you’re one of them, relax – you’re not alone.

Coming to treating knee pain, above all, the reason behind it must be diagnosed.

Knee Pain Causes

There could be plenty of knee pain causes in the young population. The most common one is, of course, injury. You could have injured your knee. And you don’t necessarily have to be an athlete, as is prevalently assumed. A person with a sedentary lifestyle is just as much at risk as those who partake in rigorous physical activities.

You may have sustained ACL injury, fracture, patellar tendinitis, knee bursitis or something else. The pain could also be a result of several mechanical problems like dislocated knee cap, hip pain, and Iliotibial band syndrome.

Other Symptoms

Along with pain in the knee, depending on the cause, you may also experience swelling, stiffness, redness on the spot, crunching noises, as well as several other symptoms.

You’re usually recommended to visit a good orthopedic doctor in Kolkata to get treated. However, if the pain isn’t intense and other symptoms are absent, you can try different home remedies that can heal the problem.

Home Remedies

Basic home remedies for knee pain include doing strengthening exercises, getting a massage, focusing on losing weight, adopting a healthier diet, applying ice compression, and investing in support knee caps.

To deal with the pain, you can take OTC medications too.

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Visit an Orthopedic Doctor

Even after days of home remedies, if the knee pain hasn’t gotten any better, visit a reputed orthopedic surgeon or clinician. After the physical examination, the doctor will likely recommend you to get an x-ray done. In rare cases, for accurate diagnosis, you may even be asked to get a CT scan, MRI and/or ultrasound done.

Depending on how the diagnosis goes, the course of action will be decided. Generally, the doctor would prescribe you medicine and outline a plan for lifestyle changes that you must make. You may even be sent for physiotherapy.

If the cause for your knee pain is complex, you might also be suggested for injections and surgical treatment.


All said though, knee pain among young adults is common. The majority of the cases are not serious and can be treated within weeks. Even if the underlying problem is big, early diagnosis and effective treatment can make the biggest difference.

So, if you’re experiencing knee pain and you have finally run out home remedies, book your appointment for a good orthopedic doctor in Kolkata today.

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