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How To Treat Your Knee Pain? (5 Tips)

Your knee could be hurting for various reasons. Maybe you have sustained an injury? Maybe it’s the pain out of overuse or overexertion? Maybe it’s because of any underlying reason like arthritis? The reasons could be plenty. If you’re looking to resolve the knee pain, knowing why it’s there in the first place is the foremost task. So, a professional diagnosis is important. Ideally, you want to approach the best doctor for knee pain in Kolkata.

However, if the pain is very mild and hasn’t existed for long, there are a few things you can do to help your knees. Here are 5 tips:

1. The RICE Formula-

It stands for Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. You must rest sufficiently to provide time to the damaged tissues for recovery. Applying ice will reduce pain and inflammation. Knee support compression will provide you comfort. And keeping your affected leg raised aka elevation will help with blood circulation.

2. Do Adequate Exercise-

This is a mistake many people make. Since hurting in the knee, they decide to reduce their physical activity to the minimum. While you must rest definitely, you must also make time to exercise. Resting too much will make the joint pain worse; it will weaken your muscles. You must workout in moderation, per your comfort; it will strengthen your knees and add to its flexibility. Weight training and cardio should be part of your regimen. Again, however, you don’t want to over-extend yourself; keep the workout in balance.

3. Get Massages-

You can self-massage your leg and other joints or hire a masseuse for it. While this might not necessarily treat your knee pain directly (after all, the reason for the pain could be many), massage would certainly provide you a sense of relief. You will feel less stressed out; you will feel much better. This would inevitably add to the healing process.


4. Apply Cold And Hot Compression-

Ice will reduce your pain, inflammation, and (any) swelling. Heat will loosen up your muscles, relaxing them; it would also enhance muscle lubrication, which will help in reducing joint stiffness. These are among the several direct and indirect benefits of applying hot and cold compression. You can purchase cold and hot pads for this. Or, simply put a hot water bottle on your knee; wrap ice in a piece of cloth and apply it on the knee.

5. Keep An Eye On Your Weight-

Knee problems are common among people with obesity. More weight exerts constant pressure on the knee joints, which leads to several complications in the long-run. So, it’s essential that you keep a watch on your weight. If you’re getting heavier, that might be taking a toll on your knees. In such a case, you want to take adequate measures to control your weight. Workout on a regular basis. And, most importantly, eat healthy foods.


These are 5 tips to best take care of your knee.

If you’re experiencing mild knee pain, these tips will take you a long way.

Note, however, that if the pain is strong and has lasted for a few days, it’s essential that you go and see a doctor. Such cases can have serious underlying reasons which require quick diagnosis and treatment. So, find a good orthopedic doctor in India, do the necessary tests, and follow the regimen the doctor has advised you.

Knee pain can be a big pause for your normal lifestyle. The moment you experience it first, you mustn’t take it lightly – especially if the pain is serious and has lasted for days.

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