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How To Treat My Hip Pain?

You don’t have to rush to the best hip surgeon in India…You don’t have to panic. Your hip pain might not be something as serious as you may think.

Over-exerting yourself can put a strain on your hip that can cause pain.

In most cases, resting helps. You can even apply heat on the hip to ease the pain. And in case if the pain is really uncomfortable, over-the-counter pain medications can help.

That said, however, if the pain has lasted for days and doesn’t seem to be getting better, it definitely calls in for more attention. This is especially true if the pain is obstructing your everyday life, preventing you from partaking in daily activities.

Causes of Hip Pain (And Treatment)

In case of lingering hip pain, the cause could be plenty, from arthritis and tendonitis to fracture and bursitis.

The course of treatment for your hip depends on the cause. So, do consult the best orthopedic surgeon and get diagnosed. They can do a physical examination and order some tests to do a proper diagnosis. Accordingly, they would outline a treatment.

Based on the diagnosis, they may even recommend certain lifestyle changes. For instance, living a sedentary lifestyle can cause several orthopedic health problems, including hip pain. If you don’t get proper physical exercise every day, which has resulted in weakened bones and joints, the doctor would advise you to do exercise every day. Similarly, if you’re overweight, which can cause hip pain as well, the doctor may recommend you to adopt a healthier diet.

In the majority of the cases, hip pain isn’t anything serious among the younger people. With proactive measures, the pain eventually goes away. Among older people, hip pain, which is usually a result of arthritis, can be managed effectively.

When Hip Replacement is Needed?

Only in rare cases where non-surgical treatment has failed to bring the desired results will your doctor recommend hip replacement surgery. Hip replacement surgery has become quite common now. It is much safer with quicker recovery that promises healthier hip and pain-free mobility.

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Again, if your hip is paining, rest!

If the pain has lasted for days, consult the best orthopedic surgeon and seek treatment.