(Specialist Orthopaedic Surgeon)

How to Recover From Your First Road Accident?

Even when you take the necessary precautions, you can never fool-proof self from road accidents. Maybe you were walking on the road-side and a bike rammed into you. Maybe another car, recklessly driven, crashes into yours! Possibilities are limitless. Moreover, you can only do so much to protect yourself. In case if things go south, it’s imperative that you know how to make fixes and recover from the accident. To help you with that, here are eight tips how you can effectively recover from your first road accident:

1. Visit the right orthopaedic doctor

The speed and efficiency of your recovery will largely depend on the kind of doctor who’s treating you. Whether he’s skilled or not, what kind of specialization he has, had he dealt with such cases before, what experience he has – these are some important questions to consider. So, don’t just head to “any” clinic you come across. Pick the best orthopaedic doctor. The better your doctor is, the easier will be the recovery.

2. Don’t shy away from surgery

This is worth-mentioning given so many people run away from surgeries and opt for home remedies, which are far from effective in healing bone and joint problems. Don’t be one of them. If the injury is big, surgical treatment is the best option. Besides, surgeries are no big thing today. Their success rate is high; plus, they are quick and recovery is decently well thanks to all the medications available now. Find a good orthopaedic surgeon and go for the scissor if needed.

3. Take a break from your office or college

This goes without saying. A large part of your recovery post-accident and surgery is all about the amount of rest you get. So, take a break from your office or college and otherwise hectic lifestyle. Rest and rest some more.

4. Stay close to your family

At times like these when such unfortunate incidents put a pause on your life, dealing with your emotions can get quite difficult. You might often feel overwhelmed with all your emotions. To deal with this imminent phase, being surrounded by the people who love you is the key. So, don’t seclude yourself. Stay around with your family members. Talk to them; seek their support whenever you feel emotionally dazed.

5. Go for therapy

Sometimes the mental trauma of such accidents can be big and severe; depression is quite common. It might require intervention from professionals. So, if you’re finding it really difficult to deal with your emotions and cope with the stress and mood swings, approach psychologist or therapist. Go for therapy sessions. This can make the biggest difference in how you feel, improving your mental health and subsequently helping you recover from your injury.

6. Visit your orthopaedic doctor regularly

One of the biggest mistakes many patients make is lag in their doctor appointment. They don’t go for regular check-ups; they don’t go for necessary tests. This creates hiccups in their otherwise smooth recovery period. Several risks pop up. Early detections of any possible complications get missed. Visiting the clinic on a timely basis per your doctor’s recommendation is very essential.

7. Exercise and eat healthy

Eating healthy is the cornerstone of recovery from any injury. You must also exercise per your physiotherapy’s advice. Both of these speed up the recovery period, helping heal your injury, as well as keeping your mental health fit and stable. So, as you get better, partake in basic exercises to boost your muscles. All the while, get rid of junk food and opt for their healthier alternatives. Salmon, chicken breasts, fortified cereal, eggs, milk, yogurt, sweet potatoes, carrots, and spinach are some very good items that can boost your recovery.

8. Go back to your ‘normal’ slowly

Yes, it’s only usual that you want to be back living your regular lifestyle as soon as possible. But it’s crucial to not rush your recovery period and let it take its natural course. So, even when you think you have healed, don’t start with your old habits immediately. The key is getting back on track slowly and progressively. After such a strenuous period, you don’t want to put your bones, joints, muscles and even brain into a shock with sudden changes.


These are 8 simple tips on how you can recover from your first road accident. Sure, there could be challenges on the way and things might not necessarily be very smooth. The important thing is that you work with your orthopedic doctor closely; listen to his advice and follow his recommendations. And, of course, take care of yourself.