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How To Recover From A Torn Ligament?

Ligament injuries are common. Many people sprain their ankles and knees while playing sports or doing normal day-to-day activities. In the following week, with help from the best ligament doctor in Kolkata, they recover easily without much of an issue. However, at times, ligament injury could be serious, requiring more attention and time in recovery.

Nature of Injury

Broadly put, there are three grades of ligament injury, which define the extent of the tear of the ligament. Grade 1 is a mild sprain with insignificant tearing. Grade 2 is a partial tear of the ligament. Grade 3 is a complete tear of the ligament, severe in nature, accompanied by instability in the joint where you cannot even use the joint.

Now Grade 1 ligament injury recovers fast. Basic measures like applying RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation) will help your case. With Grade 2 tear, you will experience pain and discomfort. The doctor would prescribe you pain medication. In addition, you may even require bracing. In contrast, with Grade 3 ligament injury, in most cases, surgery is required. Following the invasive intervention, the recovery period will be the longest and would require more care.

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Ensuring Proper Recovery

Irrespective of the severity of your ligament injury, an important thing to do is work along with the best ligament doctor in Kolkata – or which ever city you live in. As soon as you get injured, approach the best orthopedic doctor and get diagnosed. They would do a physical examination, as well as order an x-ray. In some cases, they may order MRI as well.

Following the diagnosis, based on their interpretation, they would outline a course of treatment for you. To ensure proper recovery, it’s essential to follow this treatment plan religiously. In case if you experience any problem, report back to your doctor.

Also, as asked, follow up on the appointments. The doctor would check how well your injury is responding to treatment and how you’re recovering. If they notice any gaps or inefficacy, they can change or adjust the course of treatment.

Remember, there’s no defined way to recover from a torn ligament. The nature of your injury could be unique. Plus, different people respond differently to treatments. So, the key is to find the best orthopedic doctor, get treated by them, and follow their advice. The recovery from the injury can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to even up to a year. Based on the severity of your ligament tear, the doctor could tell better how long your recovery period will be and how you can quicken that process.