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How To Prevent Osteoporosis In Your Old Age? [PART 1]


As we grow older, our bones naturally lose mass and require increased care. However, when bone density loss becomes significant, leading to abnormally weak bones, it may indicate the presence of osteoporosis. This condition affects millions worldwide, raising the risk of orthopedic injuries and diminishing overall quality of life.


Early Prevention for Stronger Bones


While osteoporosis can manifest at any age, it primarily affects older individuals. Nevertheless, the roots of this condition begin at a younger age. The process of bone density loss and weakening initiates early, underscoring the importance of early preventive measures.


In fact, our bodies begin to break down bone faster than they can rebuild it as early as our 30s. This is especially critical for those with a higher susceptibility to osteoporosis. Factors such as family history, smoking habits, low estrogen levels, hyperthyroidism, age, and gender can increase your risk. Consulting with an orthopedic doctor can help assess your individual risk factors and establish a proactive plan for bone health. So, if you haven’t been to an orthopedic doctor in recent times, you might want to book an appointment. If you live in Kolkata, visit an orthopedic specialist in Bangur, ask questions, and address your concerns.


Recognizing Osteoporosis and Diagnosis


Recognizing osteoporosis can be challenging, but certain symptoms become more pronounced with age, including height loss, persistent back pain, changes in posture, and an increased fracture risk. A thorough physical examination by a medical professional can aid in diagnosis. If osteoporosis is suspected, your doctor may recommend a bone density test, such as densitometry or dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) scan, to assess bone density in specific areas.


Proactive Measures to Manage Osteoporosis


It’s crucial to understand that osteoporosis is incurable, meaning it cannot be completely eradicated once it develops. Therefore, the focus should be on preventive measures as you age, including regular consultations with an experienced orthopedic specialist in Kolkata who specializes in osteoporosis management. Taking these proactive steps can help protect and strengthen your bones as you advance in years.

This includes regularly visiting the best osteoarthritis doctor in Kolkata who also specializes in osteoporosis.

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