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How To Get Your Vitamin D During Lockdown?

Vitamin D is an essential micro-nutrient for our bones. It helps our body absorb calcium and phosphorous, the key minerals that make the bones stronger. Generally, a person is recommended 600 IU of vitamin D every day. Sadly, a lot of people suffer from the deficiency of this nutrient, which not only paves the way to several bone and joint-related problems like osteoporosis, but it also leads to other serious health issues. To know your body’s vitamin D level, your doctor would likely recommend the 25-hydroxy test.

Sun: The Best Source of Vitamin D

Sun is one of the best sources of vitamin D. There’s a reason why doctors now recommend patients to get enough sun exposure every day. About 15 minutes of sunlight a couple of times in a week is sufficient. Two things to note here: One, you must adequately protect yourself when in direct contact with sunlight; two, depending on your existing conditions, you might need more.

Now, since a large part of the population is under lockdown due to the pandemic, it isn’t wild to assume that they aren’t getting enough of vitamin D. The case would be worse for those who already have a deficiency of this micro-nutrient. As mentioned, it could cast a bad effect on their orthopedic health. Working from home has already increased the number of people with back problems; if you’re one of them, visit the best spine surgeon in Lake Town for proper treatment.

Hopefully, the lockdown will be over soon. But while you’re locked inside the home – this time or anytime in the future – you must work around your way to get your daily dose of vitamin D. How?

Fixing Your Diet

There are many food items that are rich in vitamin D. Increasing their consumption should be the first priority for all. Fatty fish like salmon and tuna are great sources. Beef liver packs this nutrient in abundance as well. If you’re a vegetarian, there are many options; it includes mushrooms, cheese, egg yolks, tofu, yogurt, oatmeal, cow’s milk, and margarine. Eat more of these foods to get your daily dose of vitamin.

Vitamin D Supplements

Understandably, due to the lockdown, there are also several limitations in what foods you get in the market. In such a case when you don’t find a lot of foods to suit your vitamin D requirement, taking supplements is a good idea. However, you mustn’t self-prescribe any supplement. It’s important to consult a doctor before going this way; getting excess of this nutrient through supplements can be harmful to health. So, do approach the best orthopedic surgeon in Bangur who specializes in bone and joint-related problems. Consult with them about vitamin D intake and orthopedic problems. Discuss with them whatever bone and joint-related concerns you have. If they deem fit, based on observations and tests, they could recommend you supplements.

Take Care of Your Bones

It isn’t just about vitamin D – and calcium thereof. The lockdown has also restricted everyone from going to the gym or running/walking/exercising outside in the morning. During this time, it’s essential that you take proper care of your bones. Eat healthy foods. If there’s space, exercise at home. Walk around in your room in the morning. If the sunlight comes through the windows, soak in the sun. Admittedly, these are challenging times for everyone. However, we all can still work our way around to take better care of our health. So, do focus on your health, as well as that of your family’s. Take better of yourself and your loved ones.


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