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How To Get Rid Of Lower Back Pain?

While it may not necessarily need you to find the best knee replacement surgeon (not at least in the majority of the cases), lower back pain can be quite nagging, affecting the quality of your life. The causes of back pain could be plenty, from arthritis and osteoporosis that are common among old people to muscle strain and ruptured disks. If you’re experiencing back pain, the solution depends on the cause.

Causes Define Treatment

For example, if you sit on your work-chair for the most part of your day, the solution is to change your lifestyle. Stop spending so much time sitting. Take breaks often. May be even invest in a standing desk. Another example is if you lift heavy weights, you may strain muscles; meaning, you may over-stretch the fibers that connect muscles to the bones. In this, resting and applying compression helps the most. To simmer the pain, anti-inflammatory medications works great.

Get Diagnosed

So, the first step in getting rid of lower back pain is identifying the cause. Visit a spine specialist doctor in Kolkata and get diagnosed. The doctor will do a physical examination; they will ask some questions. They may even order some tests, like X-ray, CT scan and MRI to identify the underlying reason for the back pain. Following, they would outline the right course of treatment that delivers lasting outcome and healthier orthopedic health.

Quick Steps to Heal Your Back Pain

In general though, if your pain is mild and you’re unwilling to see an orthopedic doctor, there are a few things you can do to improve your situation. For the starters, start getting enough sleep everyday; 8 hours is a must to ensure your muscles are relaxed and get enough time to recover and nourish. Also, make sure the mattress is of good quality. Similarly, the chair you sit on for hours, ensure it is of good quality as well, providing proper support to your back.

Focus on your Overall Orthopedic Health

Taking care of your overall orthopedic health is an important task to handle to resolve your back issues. Adopt a healthier diet for stronger bones and joints. A lot of people are vitamin D deficient that result in weaker bones. So, do get enough of vitamin D from your everyday meals. Spend more time under the sun. Start working out if you don’t already; especially the exercises that focus on building stronger back. This will condition your spine to stay healthy and sustain any exertion easily.