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How To Get Relief From Hip Pain (And Avoid Hip Replacement Surgery)?

In recent times, owing to the technological advancements, hip replacement surgery in Kolkata has gotten much safer and efficient. More people are opting for it to treat their hip problems, especially arthritis, which is quite prevalent among people in their 50s, 60s, and beyond.

But then that said, much like any surgical treatment, hip replacement bear its own share of risks. After surgery, your mobility will be limited in the early stages. The recovery phase will take time, requiring you to be extremely careful so to minimize any possible complications. Perhaps this is why hip replacement surgery is the last line of treatment, chosen only after other conservative treatments have failed.

If you’re experiencing hip pain, it’s essential you heed to it with seriousness before the condition deteriorates and you’re left with limited options in treatment.

[It’s also important for the young people to take better care of their hips, and overall orthopedic health, from the start so to never encounter bone and joint-related problems in the latter days. But this is an entirely different topic altogether. Check out this post: 5 Daily Habits For Healthy Bones (And Happier Life)]

Why Do You Have Hip Pain?

There are many non-surgical ways how you can improve your hip pain and find long-term relief. But a lot of these “ways” depend on your existing health and the severity of the problem. Further, the severity of the problem varies, depending on the cause of your hip pain.

There are several reasons why you’re experiencing hip pain – or pain in the nearby region. Maybe you have arthritis, wherein the cartilage is damaged; maybe you got into an accident and you have sustained damage to your hips; maybe you have some kind of infection; maybe it’s chronic inflammation. The course of treatment would be determined after a thorough diagnosis. So, unsurprisingly on your part, for hip pain, you should visit a top orthopedic doctor in Kolkata without waiting a minute. After physical examination, Q/As, and maybe some tests, the doctor would outline how to go about in treating this problem.

5 Things To Do To Ease Your Hip Pain

In case if your hip pain is only mild and there doesn’t seem to be any obvious reason for that (for example, you didn’t got in any accident or you don’t have any known disease), there are a few things you can do to ease the pain.

Of course, the first step is to rest. Don’t exert yourself. Don’t put unnecessary strain on the hip, which might end up doing even more damage. Two, apply ice compression on the hip. Do it several times in a day. This will ease the pain and minimize swelling, if there is one. Third, take hot shower. This will help increase blood circulation, which might help with the pain. Fourth, you can even try OTC pain reliever. But consult about this to your doctor if you have any existing health conditions. Five, if you’re overweight, focus on losing weight. This will significantly ease the stress put on the hip.

Don’t Make This Mistake

The above-mentioned tips will help provide relief from hip pain. However, if the pain hasn’t still gone and it has been there for more than a few days now, visit an orthopedic doctor. Even if the pain has mellowed, you must still visit a specialist – because the underlying reason behind the pain may still be there. And in that case, the pain may return in the future and the underlying reason, since ignored, would only get worse over the course; inevitably this might lead you to hip replacement surgery in Kolkata, which, again, isn’t a bad option considering its success rate and relatively easier recovery. But it certainly isn’t something you should aim for without trying other conservative treatments.

Many people, despite the pain, refuse to see doctors until their condition has worsened. Don’t make this mistake. Hip pain can be serious, leading to long-term effects on your mobility and overall lifestyle. If there’s nagging discomfort and it hasn’t become better in days, there’s no reason for you to wait it out. Find a top orthopedic doctor in Kolkata and seek the right treatment.