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How To Find Relief From Your Nagging Back Pain? [PART 2]

Numerous Orthopedic Problems

Many people are going through the same problems. The pandemic, which has brought the work-from-home culture in the mainstream, will expectedly lead a lot of people to complain about their deteriorating orthopedic health. And this will become clearer as more empirical evidence emerges. An orthopedic doctor is already witnessing more patients visit with back pain than on regular days. This trend will continue. The good thing is the spine problem is treatable – and so is the knee problem that people will struggle with as well due to lack of physical activity, which, earlier, at least, came through commuting between home and office. For the knee problem, you can choose to visit the best knee replacement surgeon in Kestopur, Kolkata, for consultation. But before that, if the pain is mild, you can certainly try basic home remedies, much like how you would go about with your back pain, as we discussed in this 2-part series.

The Little Steps Matter

Small, progressive, and persistent steps will not only ensure you a healthier back and knee but also overall orthopedic health and lifestyle. The word “progressive” here is equally important. You don’t want to run a mile and do 50 on your first day when you haven’t worked out in months or years. It can end push ups doing more damage, leading to sprains (and, of course, sore muscles). You want to start slow and build up the pace as you go in your regimen towards better habits and lifestyle.


Take Your Back Pain Seriously

Coming to the topic of the moment, if your back pain is severe, visit the best orthopedic doctor in India, in whichever state you live in. If the pain is mild and isn’t obstructing your daily life, start making small changes in your lifestyle and picking better habits. Invest in a better quality chair where you can comfortably sit and work from home. Purchase a good mattress if the existing one isn’t aiding in fixing your back pain. Start doing some light workout to do away from your sedentary lifestyle. Pick up a better diet that has foods known for their anti-inflammatory properties. At the same time, also heed to your posture; walk and sit straight without hunching. There’s a range of steps that you can take to improve your mild back pain.