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How To Find Relief From Your Nagging Back Pain? [PART 1]

Working from home now has made it even worse. A lot of people, in fact, are complaining about orthopedic problems in this pandemic. A report on Bloomberg Quint mentions about 71 percent of those Working From Home“due to covid-19 have experienced new or exacerbated ailment caused by the equipment they must use”. So, if you’re experiencing back pain, you’re not alone.Of course, the severity of the back pain varies. For some, it’s mild, which can easily be shrugged off. For others, it’s acute, lasting much longer and affecting the quality of life. The good thing is you can do several things to find relief.

Find The Right Chair (And Mattress)

One of the foremost steps towards that relief is fixing your seating solution, where you’re spending a lot of your time these days. Back pain is very prevalent in people with a traditional 10-5 (or 10-7) desk job. If the chair you’re sitting on isn’t adequately comfortable and supportive to your back, you will inevitably start experiencing back pain. Over the period, if not heeded to, this pain can even turn chronic. So, give your chair a quick look and see if it’s comfortable enough. If not, you want to change it. In addition, also make sure that the height of the chair compliments the height of the table. And while you’re at it, you should even consider changing your mattress. There now is an influx of memory foam mattresses in the market that are designed specifically to help with upper and lower back pain. So, if your existing mattress is delivering you the desired comfort – or if it’s really old and needs to be done away with – consider purchasing a new one. Bad quality mattresses are a big source of various orthopedic problems.

Fix Your Diet And Break Your Sedentary Lifestyle

In addition, you must heed to your diet. You want to adopt an anti-inflammatory diet with foods that have can fight pain. Of course, a change in diet would not miraculously fix your back pain but adding more of nuts, olive oil, ginger, turmeric, salmon, and cherries can pave way for benefits in the long-run.

Living a sedentary lifestyle is also a major factor why so many young people now are suffering from some types of orthopedic problems. Your back pain can be a result of the same. If you’re spending most of your days sitting on the chair or lying on the bed, you immediately need to incorporate some changes. Getting some form of physical exercise everyday is essential so as to strengthen and condition your bones and joints properly. Lack of it, in the current context, will weaken your spine, making it more prone to usual strains and pains even on light exertions. So, start working out. Even if it’s basic exercises at home, it can take you a long way.

Don’t Expect A Miraculous Effect

These measures can help you find relief from your back pain. But the result won’t be instantaneous. Your months and years of physically inactive life that led to orthopedic problems won’t go away in a few days of workout and better diet. So, in that case, if your back pain is really severe or persistently uncomfortable, go and see the best orthopedic doctor in India. If you live in Kolkata, book your appointment at the best spine surgeon in Lake Town. It’s a better idea instead of choosing for OTC pain medication, which would only provide you short-term respite. A professional can assess your condition to understand the underlying reason and rule out any possible serious factors or issues. To that, their recommendations, based on analysis, will also ensure you a quick, effective, and lasting solution.

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