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Help Your Kids Have Strong Bones: A Guide For Parents

Yes, genetics play a big role in bone development. However, there are plenty of things that can be done to ensure kids have stronger bones. And as parents, it’s your responsibility to do these “plenty of things” for your kids.

Here are five tips for parents to help kids have strong bones:

  1. Start thinking about it early– So many parents only take note when their kids fail to have sufficient or normal bone development. They only take measures when something is wrong. Don’t be one of them. Start thinking about your kids’ bone development and overall orthopedic health as early as possible. Google “pediatric orthopedic doctors near me”, find someone experienced, and consult them regularly to ensure your child is growing properly.
  2. Get them essential nutrients– Calcium, Vitamin D and protein are the key ingredients body needs to have healthy bones; especially calcium. It’s important your kids are getting enough of these nutrients every day. If needed, get them tested for these nutrients to find if they are deficient. If they are, with consultation from a doctor, give them supplements.
  3. Encourage them to exercise– Ask your kids to be more physically active. Sign them up for different activities like swimming, football, MMA, and more. Encourage them to run in the morning or play more sports. Further, lead by an example. Exercise yourself and ask your kids to follow. They would be more tempted to join you.
  4. Build healthy eating habits– Eating healthy foods is good for bones, and overall physical and mental health. It’s a cornerstone of having a better life. So, right from the early stage, build a habit in your kids to eat healthy foods. Avoid providing them junk items. Offer them healthier alternatives. For instance, instead of giving them regular chocolates, give them dark chocolates.
  5. Educate them about good health– This is very important. Many kids and teenagers aren’t aware of how to take better care of their health. They don’t know or understand the significance of eating healthy and exercising. They don’t know the importance of attending to orthopedic health. Start educating them about different aspects of health, including having strong bones, right from the early stage.


These are five tips for parents to help their kids have stronger bones. Of course, a more obvious tip here is if they are indeed showing signs of poor bone development, take them to a doctor. Similarly, if they have sustained any evident injury, like a sprain, promptly take them to the best ligament doctor in Kolkata instead of trying home remedies. Prioritize their bone development and overall orthopedic health.