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Getting Old and Orthopedic Problems: What Nobody Told You

Osteoarthritis, a type of arthritis, and fractures are common orthopedic issues among old people. But that list doesn’t end there.

As a body gets older, owing to biological changes, it gets susceptible to numerous health-related problems. This is more prevalent if you didn’t take proper care of the body in the early years; the result of this carelessness and reluctance towards general well-being eventually invites and magnifies health issues as you gain more years.

So, there are several bone and joint-related problems you can possibly face when getting older that you aren’t prepared for. Here are three of those problems that nobody has told you about:

1. Bone loss

After the age of 30, people start losing bone density. How fast this loss is depends on various factors, including diet and exercise.

Bone loss is one of the biggest challenges when getting old, as it increases the risks of fractures and other orthopedic issues, even hurting one’s mobility.

Also, older people are at an increased risk of osteoporosis, a bone disease that weakens bones.

So, as you grow old, your bones will thin out and get weaker. It’s essential to take proactive measures to mitigate the impact of this progression through diet, exercise, and supplementation. Consult the best bone specialist if you’re noticing your bones getting thinner and weaker.

2. Heavy purse syndrome

‘Heavy pursue syndrome’ is a phrase used to describe a range of issues surrounding the shoulder and neck.

If you’re someone who carries heavy loads around your shoulder, while you may not necessarily feel any problem at present, the issues may show up as you get older.

You may feel shoulder pain, muscle spasms, and poor posture. These, subsequently, can affect your spinal alignment, turning into persistent pain and discomfort.

So, again, if you carry heavy loads, you should expect the orthopedic issues that may come with it at the later stage of life.

3. Lower back pain

Lower back pain is another common problem that many old people suffer from but isn’t talked about a lot.

Due to lack of physical activity and poor diet, bones get weaker and insufficiently conditioned. The initial impact shows up in the spinal area, causing pain in the lower back.

Not attending to this problem at the early signs, hoping it would automatically go away, which is usually the case with many people, makes things even worse. The pain gets worse, requiring significant intervention in many cases like contacting the spinal cord specialist or the best hip hip surgeon in India.

So, from the start, you must take adequate care of your spine, avoiding poor posture, and seeking consultation from the best bone specialist whenever there’s any sign of a problem.

Final Words

There are several orthopedic health issues old people may have to go through; it depends on various factors, including their overall health.

However, such problems aren’t always imminent. They can be mitigated and minimized with proper care and measures. Moreover, they can very well be managed with the guidance of the best bone specialist.

In all, take care of your bones and joints from today and ensure a healthier tomorrow.