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First Orthopedic Appointment After Lockdown: Dos And Don’ts

While the country is slowly and cautiously opening after the lockdown, do not take it as a sign that threat from coronavirus has eased. It’s still just as much there. A basic lapse on your end can have serious outcomes for you and your loved ones. Staying vigilant and taking all precautionary measures is essential. This includes also when booking your orthopedic appointment and visiting the best orthopedic hospital in India for the first time after the lockdown. You need to be careful to ensure maximum safety. Here are some of the dos and don’ts.

1. Make Sure The Orthopedic Clinic Is Open.

While more doctors are now attending patients in their clinics, there are still few who remain shut due to several reasons; like, they are located in hotspots or containment zones. So, check that your doctor is attending patients.

2. Do Not Walk-In!

Book your appointment in advance. Walking in any clinic at this point, even when that option is available, is a bad idea. It would crowd the space and would even require you to wait. And crowds and idly waiting somewhere are two things that you don’t want right now.

3. Time Your Visit.

When making the appointment, ask at what time would it be your turn to see the doctor. Of course, exactly telling the time is not possible. Checking some patients are quick, others take time. But you still want to have a fair idea about the time so that you set out from home accordingly. Again, you don’t want to spend too much time outside your home in any case; you shouldn’t ideally sit at the clinic for long. So, properly timing your orthopedic visit will help you be back in the home quickly.

4. Follow The Basic Guidelines.

Wear a good quality mask compulsorily. Keep a pocket-size hand sanitizer with you; every 10 minutes, clean your hands with it. Wear gloves if needed. Maintain physical distance from others.

5. Postpone Elective Surgery.

Say you’re visiting the best knee replacement surgeon in Kolkata and you’re advised to go for the surgery; if that surgery is elective and non-urgent, postpone it for a few weeks. Wait for the pandemic to loosen up before you decide to get admitted to any hospital for invasive treatment; don’t do anything where the risk of exposure to coronavirus would be high.

6. Ask More Questions.

If your orthopedic doctor recommends you to exercise, ask them about at-home exercises. If you’re currently working from home, ask them what you can do for a healthy back. Ask them what foods you can eat in case if the healthy items you eat aren’t available due to supply chain disruption. Address all your concerns and queries you have regarding your bone or joint-related problem and how you can adapt to the ‘new normal’ we live in now.

7. Fix The Next Appointment.

Talk to the orthopedic doctor and ensure the next appointment isn’t too soon if non-essential. Again, you don’t want to be outdoors for things that aren’t urgent. Discuss a later date when the threat from this virus is much less.

These are 7 dos and don’ts for your first orthopedic appointment after the coronavirus lockdown. Make the right calls and take care of yourself. Because it isn’t just about you but also about the people you live with.