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First Aid for Fractures: How to Deal With Broken Bones?

The best orthopedic surgeon in Bangur that you’re consulting would make the final (and right) call. However, there are still a few things you can do to save yourself from expensive surgeries and still fix your broken bones. The basic first aid measures for fractures can take you a long way, preventing any further damage and ensuring timely care. Here are three tips to help you:

Don’t Get A Fracture

There are a few types of fractures that essentially require surgery. Like, a broken bone in your spinal cord. You can’t cast it. It requires immediate, invasive treatment. So, if you want to avoid all kinds of surgeries and pain, you, evidently, shouldn’t get fractured in the first place. Be careful of your movements. Do not rush anywhere. Eat right and lead a healthy life. Take all the necessary precautions.

Is It Really A Fracture?

Sometimes it’s easy to mistake a basic injury as a fracture. So, before you get into the panic mode, understand if there’s really a broken bone in the first place or not. Some of the symptoms include intense pain that gets worse, numbness and swelling, a visible deformity, bleeding at the injury site, and bone sticking out of the skin.

Take First Aid Steps

Once you have established that it’s really a fracture, you must take the basic first aid steps (and ask others around you to help you).

  • Get Immobile: Do not move the injured area. Keep it still. The more you will move it, the more it will pain. And the wound will be damaged further. Get it in a relaxed position as quickly as possible.
  • Don’t Panic: Of course, this is easier said than done BUT do not panic. It may trigger your movements. Or, it can even make you unconscious. Take deep breaths. Drink water.
  • Stop Bleeding: If there’s any bleeding, stop it. Apply gentle pressure on it using a clean piece of clothing. If you have anyone around you, ask her/him for help.
  • Put on Some Ice: Apply ice on the wound. This will ease the pain. Do not put the cold directly on the wound though. Wrap the ice in the bag first before applying.
  • Call Professionals: Dial the emergency number and seek medical help. Call the ambulance if needed and visit the emergency room immediately if the pain is unbearable.

These are a few things you should when you’ve broken your bones. Proper first aid and timely treatment can save you from costly surgeries.

What If You Require Surgery?

Many types of fractures can be fixed with plaster. However, there are a few types that, as mentioned above, do require surgeries to restore optimal alignment and function of the bone. If your orthopedic doctor has made that call, you should definitely opt for elective surgery in a timely way.

Understand, today, surgeries aren’t as big of a thing as they were once. With so much advancement in technology, the process is much easier, efficient and quicker. To that, if you have found the right clinic, such surgical treatments don’t even cost much.


After you’ve received the treatment, aftercare is just as essential. Any minor lapse can make things worse. So, take all the deterrent measures. Consult the best bone doctor in Kolkata regularly to ensure a smooth recovery. Fractures can put a serious pause in life. But knowing how to deal with them can ease the entire process, bringing you back on track quickly.