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Everything You Should Know About Osteoarthritis

Everything You Should Know About Osteoarthritis

While rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disorder, osteoarthritis is a degenerative disorder where the flexible tissues (cartilage) in bones have been worn down. The majority of the elderlies usually suffer from osteoarthritis. Of course, you must get checked by a qualified professional for a proper diagnosis to know for sure; self-diagnosis isn’t easy since both share the same early symptoms like painful and stiff joints, inflammation, tenderness in the affected area and limited range of motion.

Causes of Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is caused by damage in joints, which progresses and grows bigger as one gets older. It depends on the extent of wear and tear as to when the person would start experiencing the first symptoms. Other causes of this degenerative disorder are dislocated joints, torn cartilage, and ligament injuries, which affect, in particular, the athletes and those who lead an active lifestyle.

There are five stages to classify the severity of osteoarthritis. Stage 0 represents a normal joint, while stage 4 means the problem is severe. Early diagnosis can make the biggest difference in controlling the risk factors and solving the symptoms.

Exception of physical examination, to diagnose osteoarthritis, your doctor would get your X-ray done. If the problem isn’t clear, you may even be asked to get MRI done. Further, you may even be asked for blood tests and joint fluid analysis as a way for final confirmation of the problem before the treatment starts.

Treating Osteoarthritis

Coming to the treatment of osteoarthritis, your doctor would likely write you some pain medications to ease the pain and relieve other symptoms that you may be experiencing. Next, depending on the severity, you may be asked to go for physical and occupational therapy, where professionals will work with you to strengthen the muscles around the joint and ease your symptoms by assisting daily changes in your life.

You would also be asked to make lifestyle changes. Like, you must do moderate exercise every day, you must work out to lose weight, you must get adequate daily sleep, you must fix your diet to incorporate foods that build bone strength and muscles. If you’re visiting one of the good orthopedic doctors in Dum Dum, you would be assisted throughout this process closely, making sure the necessary lifestyle changes come easy to you.

When Surgery Is Needed

If osteoarthritis is in the severe stage, as a last resort, you would be recommended surgical procedures like joint replacement and bone realignment. Again, these are the last options, commended only if your symptoms are severe and other treatments haven’t helped you adequately. For the surgical procedure, make sure you’re getting treated by the best knee replacement surgeon in Kestopur. The right professional by your side can make the surgery easier and efficient.

Osteoarthritis is treatable. You can live a normal and happy life even with this disorder. However, getting diagnosed early and following the right treatment plan are essential.