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Do You Need Reconstruction Surgery for Your ACL Injury?

You likely wouldn’t even consider surgery – even when you’re in searing pain. But if you have sustained significant ACL injury, the home remedies will not be very effective. Moreover, in certain cases, it’s actually a good idea to opt for ACL replacement.

For the basics, read this: How to Prevent (and Treat) ACL Injury?

Coming to whether you should get knifed to treat your injury, your doctor is the first person to listen to. So, take yourself to a good orthopedic doctor that not only has the right qualification but also touts experience in treating cases like yours. A good doctor would navigate you in the right direction, providing you with all the options.

However, that said, the final decision would still be yours. You would have to make the final call whether you want to go for surgical treatment or just wait for the injury to heal itself.

  • One of the foremost things you must consider is whether there’s more than one ligament that’s injured. If yes, ligament surgery is a preferable choice; the pros far outweigh the challenges of a surgery.
  • Following, the next big thing to consider is how the injury is really affecting your day-to-day life. If it’s causing your knee or ankle buckle and that you’re in pain, it’s not a good sign. If left unchecked, the injury can get worse. So, in such cases, getting the surgical treatment done quickly is in the best interest.
  • In addition, if you’re an athlete and need to get on the field quickly, ACL replacement is fairly an obvious choice. Even if you’re someone who leads a physically active lifestyle, surgery is a good idea.

All said, understand that ligament surgeries – where your torn ACL is replaced with a piece of a tendon – are now safer than ever. They are quick and highly effective. So, if you really require invasive treatment to fix your injury, don’t avoid it out of fear. Work along with a good surgeon and get treated the right way. Moreover, such surgeries are also very affordable now. So, in many cases, there shouldn’t be financial constraints either.

ACL injuries don’t have to be such a big deal – at least if you’re an athlete. Get informed about the injury you have sustained (ask questions from your doctor) and make the right call for quick and effective treatment.

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