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Delaying Orthopedic Surgery During COVID-19: Is It Okay?

  1. You did quite a lot of research to find the best knee replacement doctor in India. But just when you were preparing for the procedure, the next wave of the pandemic hit and you decided to postpone the surgery. You aren’t alone.

  2. Owing to the current state, so many patients have delayed their elective orthopedic surgeries. Then there are also those who needed the surgery done urgently but had to postpone the date. While this decision makes sense given what the country is going through, is it okay though? It is safe to delay orthopedic surgeries during COVID-19 or can it have an adverse effect?

  3. Ideally, if you’re going through orthopedic problems and it requires surgical treatments, the surgery should be done as early as possible per the doctor’s advice. This is important to improve your physical health and quality of life. Moreover, this would also help avoid additional costs that you may incur with your subsequent visits to the doctor.

  4. So, ensuring there’s no delay in orthopedic surgery has evident benefits. It would prevent the condition from getting worse. The chances of you ending in emergency rooms and even requiring emergency surgery would be minimized.

  5. However, that said, we’re living in an unprecedented time when postponing elective surgeries is recommended by many. If you too should follow suit depends on the kind of orthopedic surgery you require and the criticality of your condition. In such a scenario, your doctor is your best guide. They know your condition better and they can tell better if postponing the date is an ideal choice.

  6. In some cases, orthopedic surgery may be required urgently. In others, you can delay without worries. So, rely on the best orthopedic doctor in Kolkata that you’re dealing with to navigate you in the right direction. They can weigh the pros and cons of getting the surgery done now and help you accordingly.

  7. If you’re indeed asked to go for the surgery right away, make sure you pick a good hospital. Generally, hospitals take good safety measures and they have well-defined SOPs. So, with a good doctor and team by your side, you don’t have to worry about the pandemic.

  8. In all, there’s no definite answer to whether delaying orthopedic surgery during COVID-19 is a good idea or not. It depends on your needs, the criticality of the case. So, consult the best orthopedic doctor in Kolkata.