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Dealing With Orthopedic Problems During Covid-19

Owing to the ongoing pandemic, the healthcare infrastructure in India – as well as across the world – is going through massive strains. The attention is on COVID-19 with health scare dominating communities. However, in the process of heeding to one big problem, it’s equally important to not forgo the others. This includes orthopedics, among others. With millions of people in the country struggling with some kind of bone and joint-related problems, there needs to be more awareness for them regarding how to go about with their treatments and regimen in the midst of the pandemic.

Admittedly, in lack of a centralized protocol, there exist many confusion and questions among the patients. However, FROM the consulting orthopedic doctor TO the best hip replacement surgeon in Kolkata, India, many have risen, in different capacities, to the occasion to deliver their patients a consistent experience. While some are offering consultation through virtual modes, others have taken paramount measures at the clinic to ensure their own safety, as well as that of the patients.

If you have any orthopedic problem or condition, it’s essential you weigh in all the options, consider the existing threats of the novel coronavirus, be more thoughtful, and act responsibly in opting for help and treatment. In mild cases, seeking consultation from your orthopedic doctor over the phone or webcam can be adequate. In the case of grade B and grade C problems, do make an appointment in advance and take all the possible precautionary steps on your way to the doctor. If you have COVID-19 symptoms, work it out on the phone with your doctor before visiting their clinic. Elective orthopedic surgeries are best postponed. If there’s clinical urgency, your orthopedic surgeon will outline a course of action for you to get proper treatment.

In these challenging times, every community member must come together to be more responsible and responsive. They must help their doctors help them. Dealing with your orthopedic health woes, even in this pandemic, doesn’t have to be such a challenging task in many cases. Follow the guidelines, listen to your orthopedic doctor closely, and take care of yourself adequately.

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Dealing With Orthopedic Problems During Covid-19