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ACL Reconstruction


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HealMyBones is one of the most trusted destinations for a wide range of orthopedic problems. Dr. Manoj Kumar Khemani is a well-renowned orthopedic surgeon and clinician, specializing in ACL replacement and treatment.

What Are ACL Injuries?

The ACL, or Anterior Cruciate Ligament, is a crucial knee ligament that plays a significant role in providing rotational stability to the knee and preventing the shinbone (tibia) from slipping out in front of the thighbone (femur).

Sudden movements or abrupt changes in position commonly cause ACL injuries. During these moments, the ligament can tear either partially, near-completely, or completely. The severity of the injury is graded, taking into consideration factors such as the extent of the tear, the individual’s age, and overall health. This grading system aids doctors in determining the most appropriate treatment for the patient.

ACL Injuries Causes

Athletes are prone to ACL injuries. While playing, practicing or involved in any physical activity, they are more likely to awkwardly twist their knees. People who lead a sedentary lifestyle are just as much at risk though. The common causes of ACL injuries include suddenly changing directions, landing clumsily from a jump, getting hit on the knee by someone or something, and abruptly stopping.

Typically, when someone has sprained a ligament, they would hear a pop – or at least feel it. There would be intense pain, which will hinder range of motion and mobility. The spot will swell quickly. Knee will fail to bear the body’s weight.

ACL Injuries: Diagnosis and Treatment

A good orthopedic doctor would be able to tell the type of injury through physical examination. But to estimate the nature or severity of the injury, the person would usually be asked to get an x-ray done. In certain cases, MRI might be done too to better understand the case.

After proper diagnosis, the doctor would provide the right treatment. At times, brace and physical therapy might be adequate. However, generally, the patient would have to go through surgery. Fortunately, courtesy of all the advancements we have seen in the field and the technology we now have, such surgeries are least invasive.

Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical treatment where an arthroscope (endoscope) is inserted in the joint through a small incision and the damage is fixed. It has a high success rate. Moreover, the recovery time following arthroscopy is relatively quicker, taking anywhere between six and nine months.

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Dr. Manoj Kumar Khemani is an experienced orthopedic clinician and surgeon. Touting years of experience, he has treated over 8,500 patients to date. He has handled countless cases of ACL injuries – some of them quite challenging. Owing to his extensive expertise and experience, he is now a life member of the Indian Medical Association and Indian Orthopedic Association.

So, don’t run into the conclusion that you need ACL replacement. Don’t delay the treatment of your injury. Don’t head to a general doctor. Take the hands of a specialist. Contact Dr. Manoj Kumar Khemani.If you have any question, feel free to ask. Use this contact page to find contact details.Here are the details of his clinic address and appointment timing.