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6 Reasons You Should Consider Knee Replacement Surgery

“What are the signs of needing a knee replacement?”

This is a common question people with knee problems often Google.

Whether or not you need this procedure can only be answered by the best knee replacement surgeon in Kolkata. (For instance, even if you’re the right candidate for knee replacement, other risk factors may create a situation where you’re better off without the surgery.)

That said, here are six reasons why you should consider knee replacement surgery:

Constant or recurring pain

One of the most common reasons for surgery is chronic or constant pain. This can be caused by arthritis, ligament tears, and even bone spurs. If you experience ongoing discomfort in your knee joint, this may be a sign that it’s time to consider the option of knee replacement surgery.

Lack of mobility

If you have arthritis in your knee joint and can’t perform some activities because of it, then knee replacement surgery may be right for you. The surgery can help restore function and mobility to your knees so that you can do things like walk without pain or participate fully in daily activities like gardening or golfing.

Other treatment options have failed

There are a few other treatments for knee pain, but they don’t always work. So, if you have tried options like medications, arthroscopy, and physical therapy and there’s still no relief in your knee pain, knee replacement might be your last resort.

Knee problems affecting the quality of life

Your knees help you walk, run, jump and climb. In addition to providing support for your legs, they also play an important role in your body’s overall health. If there is an issue with your knee joint, it can prevent you from doing many daily activities that are essential to your well-being. This can subsequently impact the quality of your life.

Always swollen

If you have a knee that’s swollen, the problem is not just arthritis. It’s also due to fluid buildup in your knees and legs. A swollen knee is a sign of deep-seated inflammation of the joint because it is likely due to an underlying condition that can’t be cured with medication.

Evident knee deformity

When you have a deformity in your knee, it is time to see a doctor. A degenerative condition like arthritis causes the cartilage in the knee to wear out over time and form cartilage lesions. These lesions can cause additional pain and inflammation if not treated properly.

Final words

Knee replacement surgery helps relieve stress. With this procedure, surgeons replace the damaged ends of your bones with metal or plastic components (prostheses). The prostheses are attached to the bone, so they don’t cause any further damage to it. In addition, they can help improve flexibility and range of motion in your knee.

In all, talk to the best orthopedic doctor in Kolkata and discuss with them whether or not knee replacement is the right fit for you.