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5 Tips to Beat Back Pain in 2020

Back pain isn’t pleasing. At times, it could get searing to a point that it’s actually affecting the different ends of your life.

If you’re experiencing any serious back pain, you must head straight to the best spine surgeon in Lake Town, Kolkata, and have a professional look at it.

That aside, if the pain is very mild, there are plenty of things you can do to fix that.

Here are five tips to have a healthier spine in 2020:

1. Invest in a good chair and mattress

Often, the biggest reason behind back pain is poor posture when you sit and sleep. So, this is the first step you should take.

Give your mattress a hard look. Is the foam cushiony or is it hard? Does it need a replacement?

Then look at the chair where you sit and spend most of your time. Is your office chair in good condition? Does it have proper back support? Is it comfortable?

If your mattress or chair is in bad shape, make a small investment in getting them replaced.

2. Say goodbye to your sedentary lifestyle

It’s no secret that a sedentary lifestyle is the most fundamental reason behind some of the big health problems. It also includes back pain.

Insufficient physical activity weakens the bone, which makes it tasking for the spine to carry your upper-body weight.

Moreover, an unfit body, even with minor wear-tear, experiences higher inflammation and pain. This means even a small back injury or tear causes a higher level of pain.

So, if you don’t get involved even in the basic physical activities, in 2020, you want to change that.

Get more active; walk more, run, and go to the gym on alternate days if possible.

This would not only fix your back pain but also impact every aspect of your life.

3. Consider getting massage

Sometimes just a simple massage can bring a big relief, loosening the muscle knots and easing on the pressure.

So, find a good parlor in your city and get a massage from a qualified masseuse.

4. Improve your diet

What you eat has a direct impact on the strength of your bones and muscles. An unhealthy diet, in mix with a sedentary lifestyle, is an ultimate killer.

And there’s a good chance that this is the same reason behind your back pain.

So, audit your daily meals. How do they look? Are you consuming too much of unhealthy foods? If so, make adjustments in your diet.

There are a few food items that are really good for bones. It includes eggs, yogurt, cheese, milk, sardines, salmon, tuna, spinach, collard greens, orange, and calcium-set tofu.

Add more of these items to your diet.

5. Visit a good orthopedic doctor

At times, making lifestyle changes may not ease your back pain. In a situation like this, instead of hoping and bearing the pain, it’s a good idea that you approach a good orthopedic doctor.

One of the biggest reasons why many people don’t want to visit doctors is that they fear they would be diagnosed with something serious.

Understand that in the majority of cases, the cause behind back pain isn’t anything serious. Your doctor won’t send you to best hip replacement surgeon in Kolkata. She/he won’t diagnose anything serious.

Usually, you would be given medicine, some ointment, and advice on dos and don’ts. So, don’t delay visiting an orthopedic doctor if your back pain isn’t going away or is severe.


These are five simple tips that will help you keep your spine in a healthy condition in 2020.

Lingering back pain can really obstruct day-to-day life. Make changes in your lifestyle and visit a good doctor before your mild pain becomes severe.

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