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5 Tips For Young Crowd to Prevent Arthritis

Like you’ve heard… Prevention is better than cure.

If you are to avoid arthritis in your future, it’s important that you start taking preventing measures at the earliest.

Now, admittedly, with over 100 different types available, arthritis isn’t always possible to prevent. There are many factors that can be behind the cause – some of which are unavoidable like family history, gender, aging, and childhood injuries.

However, it’s still essential that you do all in your power to prevent possible bone and joint-related complications in the future.

In that context, here are five tips for the young people like yourself to prevent arthritis:

1.Avoid any injury

Of course, you were going to do this anyway.

But it’s more important for those who play sports or are in intensive workout. They usually take their small injuries rather casually. While the effect of such injuries might not be evident immediately, they all can add up to hurt your joints in the long-run.

So, be more careful in doing any physical activity. Pay heed to your movements to avoid minor (and major) stumbles, scratches and bruises.

2.Keep your weight in check

Your knees bear all your body’s weight. They support your entire body structure.

Being obese or overweight can really put them in excess stress, hurting the joints in the long run.

So, be careful of your weight. Maintain a healthy BMI.

3.Exercise EVERY. DAY.

This is, of course, essential to keep your weight in checks and balances. But exercising also helps improve the strength of your bones and joints.

If you don’t already workout regularly, start from today. Start slow, consult a good trainer and then pick up the pace.

Do not just focus on your abs and cuts. Prioritize strength training. Have a wholesome regimen that exercises every part of your body.

4.Eat the “right” food

There are a few food items that are very good for your bones and joints.

Omega-3 fatty acids are good. So, add more fish like salmon, tuna, and herring to your diet. If you’re a vegetarian, tofu and soyabeans are good sources of healthy fatty acids.

Other foods that are good for arthritis include cherries, low-fat dairy products, broccoli, green tea, citrus fruits, whole grains, beans, and nuts.

5.See a (good) doctor regularly

Don’t wait to visit a doctor till you find any evident problem. Moreover, if you sense even a minor pain, don’t just assume that it would fade away.

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Again, you cannot always avoid arthritis for its causes depend on so many unavoidable factors.

But the above mentioned tips are a few preventive steps everyone should take to keep the risks of joint inflammation, and other bone-related problems, at the minimal as they age.

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