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5 Tips For Parents to Ensure Stronger Bones of Their Kids

There are many different aspects of your kids’ growth. While you aren’t necessarily asked to obsess every little detail, you should definitely be more attentive to the development of their bones. After all, it is the foundation of a healthier and happier (and active) life.

Fortunately, small measures can make the biggest difference. Small steps on parents’ end can ensure healthier bones of their kids. If you’re a parent yourself, here are five key tips you should follow:

1.Pack their diet with calcium-rich foods

Calcium makes our bones stronger, without which they are more prone to break and get damaged. So, make sure your little ones are taking in a sufficient amount of calcium every day. There are many food items that are rich in this mineral, including cheese, yogurt, almonds, beans and lentils, milk, tofu, broccoli, and more.

2.Encourage them to be physically active

This is as basic as it gets. When you exert force against it, your bone has no other option but to grow, get stronger and adapt. Now, of course, getting kids physically active today is more difficult than ever. But then as parents, it’s important that you habituate them from the go to spend some time away from technology, doing physically tasking activities.

3.Enroll them in sports or gym classes

Continuing with the previous point, this is a simple way to get your kids active. Besides, today we have many good sports clubs and institutes that bring well-designed programs for the kids. Find one such club or institute and make sure its training program is fitting to your kids’ goals, needs, and preference. Working out or training in sports can help anyone achieve healthier bones.

4.Feed them vitamin D supplement

Our bones absorb calcium and get stronger with help from Vitamin D. They would fail to absorb this mineral effectively if they aren’t supplied with enough vitamin D. So, while you should definitely feed your little ones with food rich in Vitamin D, you should also invest in supplements given it’s so important.

5.Take them to a specialist regularly

This is something many parents ignore. Assuming that their kids are completely fine, they don’t take them to see a doctor. This is a mistake. Regular checkup from kids’ and arthritis best doctor in Kolkata not only ensures early diagnosis of any problem, but it also provides parents a guide on how to go about ensuring kids’ proper bone growth. So, do your research, find one of the top orthopedic doctors in Bidhannagar, and take your kid to her/him soon.


Again, small measures can make the biggest difference. Doing something small every day can ensure your kids’ bones grow and nourish the right way, which will navigate their lives to good health and happiness.

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