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5 Things Orthopedic Surgeons Want You To Know Before Surgery

Going for orthopedic surgery is a big decision – whether you have elected for it yourself or your doctor has recommended it to you.

Of course, before getting knifed, it’s essential to do your thorough research to know what exactly the procedure entails, what’s the aftermath of it, what kind of expectations you have, and so forth.

So, asking the right questions is of utmost importance.

When you visit an orthopedic clinic in Kolkata, you have must have a handful of questions ready to ask the professional and have all your queries resolved.

Here are five things the top 10 orthopedic surgeons in India possibly want you to know before the surgery:

1. There Could Be Alternative Treatments

Surgery isn’t the only way to go about here. In recent times, owing to the innovations, there now exists many alternative treatments.

So, do discuss with the clinician about the other ways to treat whatever problem you’re experiencing.
Consider the alternatives before opting for invasive treatment without thinking.

2. There’s No Such Thing As “100 Percent Safe”

No surgeries are 100 percent safe. Depending on the kind of surgery and the case that is being dealt with, there would always be some degree of risk.

But that said, the success rate of orthopedic surgeries is fairly high. Plus, we now have much better practices and equipment that ensure maximum safety and better result to the patients.

Talk with your doctor about the potential risks during and after the procedure.

3. Not All Orthopedic Surgeries Are Costly

Money is a big consideration for many patients. If you’re one of them, here’s a news…

Orthopedic surgeries aren’t as costly as they once were.

Of course, a lot depends on the kind of surgery it is and where you’re getting treated. However, in general, in recent times, invasive orthopedic treatment has become less costly.

When deciding which orthopedic clinic in Kolkata to visit, factor the fee of the clinician or surgeon who will see you.

4. Everything Depends On Your Aftercare

Surgeons can do everything and ensure the complete success of the procedure.

However, a lot – if not everything – depends on the aftercare.

If you aren’t taking proper care of yourself per the advice of the doctors, it’s going to do damage, making the surgical outcome less and less desired.

You might fail to see the desired results from the surgery that you were expecting.

So, apart from the surgery itself, also discuss with your doctor about the aftercare.

5. Stop Listening To Your Friends And Family

Different people have different opinions about surgeries and invasive treatments.

Some would scare you with stories that they have heard from others, others will recommend you home remedies.

Understand that even when they have the right intent, they aren’t qualified to be making any call about your orthopedic treatment; whether you should go for it or not, how safe it is, what you should do instead, and so forth.

At times like these, it’s best to listen to your doctor who has extensive experience and expertise. They know what’s right for you.


These are five things the top 10 orthopedic surgeons in India would likely want you to know before going for surgery.

As mentioned, it’s a big decision. So, it’s important that you consider all the little factors, ask your doctor the right questions, resolve your confusion, and get treated with the right mindset.

With the advancements we have made in this field, you can expect a fairly smooth and successful surgery. Whatever problem you have right now, in a few weeks, you will be much better.

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