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5 Signs Your Parents Need Hip Replacement Surgery

As one age, their orthopedic health deteriorates. In some cases, this deterioration is severe, affecting the normal functioning and lifestyle of that individual. One of the common problems among older people is hip pain that, at times, can require hip replacement surgery owing to how worse it is.

If one or both of your parents have hip problems, it’s essential to seek early intervention to effectively manage the condition and prevent it from getting worse. However, in case if there are already signs of higher severity, they might need a hip replacement.


Here are five signs your parents need hip replacement surgery

  1. Pain in hip or groin region- This is, of course, the most evident “sign”. If your parents are constantly experiencing hip pain or pain in the groin region when walking, exercising, and even while resting, it’s a serious indicator that you shouldn’t ignore.
  2. Stiffness in the joint- This is another common symptom of a bad hip. If they are unable to move their hip in any motion, and when they do they experience extreme pain, the case may require hip replacement. Unable to bend and tie a shoe or pick something from the ground are some subtle signs that shouldn’t be overlooked.
  3. Significant damage- If you go to the best orthopedic clinic, the doctor would order several tests for diagnosis. If your parents’ test results show significant damage to their hip (maybe their arthritis has progressed to become severe), hip replacement could be one of the recommended treatments.
  4. Other measures have failed- There are different ways to treat hip pain. Physical therapy and medications, as well as lifestyle modification, are among the first lines of treatment. But if these measures have failed to achieve the desired outcome, your parents might be left with nothing but the last hip replacement option.
  5. Affecting physical and mental health- Some people accept their hip problem and learn to live with it. If your parents are trying to do the same (something that is not recommended) but they are paying heavily in their physical and mental health, it’s essential to connect with the best hip replacement surgeon in Kolkata and opt for the needed treatment.

These are five signs that your parents need hip replacement surgery.

Remember, your parents have no reason to settle with their hip problem and live an unhappy life. Hip replacement surgery has become extremely safe and highly effective, ensuring the person a better quality of life. Connect with the best hip replacement surgeon in Kolkata today and take your parents to the clinic.

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