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5 Signs You Need to Visit an Orthopedic Doctor

It was an unfortunate accident. You could have easily avoided it. But it happened and now you have ended with a knee fracture. While you did visit a fracture treatment doctor in Kolkata and are on treatment, the biggest challenge at the moment is that you live alone. So, the recovery, which may have been relatively easier and faster with help from family members around, is now going to be inconvenient and may even take longer. Because even though the doctor has advised complete bed rest, you may still need to get up to do basic chores.

Inform the Doctor

Any type of health issue can be a bit difficult for people who live alone. This includes fractures as well. If this is indeed the case with you, one of the first things to do is to inform your doctor about this. The top orthopedic doctors in Kolkata can then make recommendations accordingly. They can advise on the kind of movements you can make, how much you can move, and at what signs you should stop. In a way, they can tailor a treatment plan based on your living situation.

Ask for Help

In addition to following the doctor’s advice, it’s essential you take several measures on your own end as well to ensure smooth and faster recovery from the fracture. At such times, it’s a good idea to reach out to friends or family members and seek their help from the front. If you have any friend, sibling, relative, or anyone who can come to your home for a couple of hours every day to help you with a few things, that would be great. This is especially true in the early days of the treatment/recovery. They can help with groceries, cleaning, and cooking; they can support you whenever you’re moving. Remember, many people would love to help you; you just need to ask for it.

Go Digital

This wasn’t possible a decade back but it is now. So, tap on it! From ordering groceries to food, you can do a lot from your phone. You can book professionals for any kind of help you need at home, including barber, maid, masseuse, electrician, and more. So, even if you have a fracture and live alone, you don’t necessarily have to do much. A lot of things can be taken care of with your phone or laptop. Discover the right apps and service providers; find out how you can get your everyday things done and needs met through digital platforms.

Take Care of Yourself

All the while you make efforts to do the basic things, you must prioritize your health For faster recovery from the fracture, you must take care of it. Rest as much as possible. Keep up with your medicines. Partake in physiotherapy. Eat right. And closely follow the doctor’s advice. Recovery from a fracture can take time. But if you show any reluctance and lag, this recovery period may last even longer. Further, you may end up making the injury even worse.