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5 (Popular) Myths About Knee Replacement Surgery

Maybe you’re planning for knee replacement in Kolkata…Maybe the doctor has ordered the surgery for one of your parents…Now you’re looking for more information. You want to learn more about knee replacement surgery.While there’s a lot of information on this subject online, it’s important to note that a lot of that information could be flawed and misleading.

Many people push forward knee replacement myths as facts. In addition, there are common perceptions regarding this surgery that are completely inaccurate.

Here are five very popular myths about knee replacement surgery:

  1. Recovery takes very long- Post-surgery, you do have a recovery period. But this isn’t as long as one assumes it to be. Provided the surgery was done by an experienced orthopedic surgeon and things went perfectly well – also, if you’re taking proper post-operative care – recovery could be quite fast. You could be back to your active life within weeks.
  2. Bending becomes impossible- This is not true. After the surgery, following a successful recovery period, you would be able to turn your knees comfortably with zero pain. If anything, the pain that you once had before the surgery, that would go away. You wouldn’t face any problem in moving your joints.
  3. The result isn’t lasting- Again, this is not true. In many cases, the result of knee replacement could last for a lifetime. 10 years is the baseline. But with proper care, this number could easily improve. Depending on your age, you wouldn’t ever need to get knee replacement surgery done again.
  4. Lifestyle won’t be “normal”- In a few weeks after the surgery, you would be able to get back to your regular life. In just a few months, you would be able to work out again. So, this idea that the lifestyle after knee replacement won’t be normal is inaccurate. Not only would you live a normal life but your overall lifestyle would improve as well.
  5. Knee replacement cost is very expensive- The orthopedic field has come a long way. Today, doctors have the latest and best technologies and equipment. This has significantly cut down the real cost of knee replacement. Doing some research will help you discover many cost-effective options. Knee replacement surgery isn’t as expensive as is assumed.

These are five common myths of knee replacement surgery.

If you want to know more, find one of the famous orthopedic doctors in Kolkata – or in whichever city you live in. Ask them questions and get all your concerns resolved.