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5 Daily Habits For Healthy Bones (And Happier Life)

There’s no magical pill that casts a one-off spell and fixes everything. The path to healthier bones and happier life is progressive that demands consistent efforts on your end.

This is where habits help.

Having a proper daily habit prevents you from health problems and enables you with healthier bones. And this ends up making the biggest difference in your lifestyle when you’re in your 40s, 50s, 60s and onward.

So, have you been reluctant to the health of your bones and joints, it’s time to change that.

Adopt these five daily habits to build healthy bones and happier life in the long run:

1. Start Walking (Or Running) More

You knew this was coming!

We all know just how important is walking or running for our bones. The exerted stress on the legs caused by the shifting weight of the body stimulates the bones, helping them get stronger.

So, start walking more. Whenever you get the opportunity, walk instead of taking motorcycle,  rickshaw or Uber.

In addition, make some time to run every day in the morning.

2. Lift Some Weights

Give up your “I don’t have time” excuse. You can easily spare 10-20 minutes every day to do some strength training.

Invest in home equipment and lift weights. The stress built by the push-pull of the muscles enables our bone tissue to build stronger fibers.

This, in the long run, helps the bones get tougher, which are more resistant to basic injuries.

So, you don’t have to rush to a ligament specialist doctor in Kolkata every month because you carelessly twisted your ankle.

3. Add Right Food To Your Meals

Physical activities play a relatively smaller role in the well being of your bones and overall health.

Your diet is the most important thing. If you’re not eating right, no matter how much you work out, you won’t see the desired health.

Now, there are some foods that are particularly good for the bones. It includes dark leafy greens and vegetables, yogurt, salmon, walnuts, beans, milk, sardines, eggs, tuna, fortified cereal and more.

These items pack rich nutrients that are good for our bones and joints.

4. Get More Sunlight

Calcium is the most important mineral for our bones. However, just getting calcium isn’t sufficient. Our body needs Vitamin D to absorb this mineral from foods.

So, foremost, you need to get Vitamin D. And what better to get this vitamin from than sun?!

Sunlight is the richest source of this Vitamin.

Hit outdoors and get enough of sun exposure every day.

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5. Start Taking Supplements

Sometimes foods aren’t sufficient in getting the nutrients that our body requires. Dietary supplementation becomes important.

So, to get adequate calcium, vitamin D, protein and other nutrients that are essential for bones, you should start taking supplements.

Of course, don’t buy any pill or powder based on what you read online.

Consult a good orthopedic doctor before taking any supplements. They will provide you insights on your unique requirement, helping you make the right choice here.


These are five basic daily habits that will help you achieve stronger bones and a happier life in the long run.

Remember, you’re never too old or too young to take care of your bones and joints. So, start taking the necessary steps from today. Small strides forward will add up to make a big difference in the months and years to come. And the old-you will thank you for the action you take today.

If you need any help, if you have any bone or joint-related problem, please get in touch with the best orthopedic surgeon in Bangur, Kolkata to seek adequate treatment.

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