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4 Tips to Avoid (And Fix) Back Pain at Office

Unluckily, you ended up with the worst chair at work. And now you’re struggling with back pain.

Or maybe your bad lifestyle choices are one of the biggest culprits behind the problem.

Reasons could be plenty.

But the point is simple: Back pain is incredibly common among people who work 9-5 at an office. And the fact that you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that you’re struggling with it yourself.

You’re spending the best part of your day being a chair-potato. Add to that your irresponsible diet and massively inactive lifestyle, are you really surprised that you have back problem?

Here are four tips on how to first fix your existing back pain and then avoid the entire problem in the future altogether:

1.See the best orthopaedic doctor

It won’t go away.

It won’t get fixed automatically.

If you’re experiencing back pain – even a mild one – don’t take it lightly. It might get worse. Find a good spine specialist in Kolkata and seek proper treatment.

There’s no better and assured alternative to this to fix your back problem.

2.Change your chair

Your chair might not directly be responsible for the problem. But it could be one of the factors. So, change the chair you sit on in your office.

Find something that’s more comfortable, supportive and fitting to your preference.

3.Don’t sit for long stretches

Get off your chair (or wherever you sit) and take mini breaks every once in a while. Such breaks are very, very important to not only relax yourself mentally but also to provide your muscles the room to stretch and get the blood circulation going.

So, don’t sit for a long stretch. After every 30-60 minute, take small breaks.

4.Start working out

This is one of the most fundamental things that will not only fix your back pain but also your whole life.

So, if you’re living an inactive life, it’s time you change that. Signup at your local gym! Hit the track every morning and run for at least 20 minutes. Work out.

Instead of taking a cab or rickshaw to cover a small distance, opt to walk.

These are four simple tips to fix your existing back pain and to avoid it in the future altogether. Of course, you won’t see the reward instantly. But if you’re consistent in your efforts, you’ll soon have a life free of any back pain.

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