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4 Questions To Ask Your Orthopedic Doctor On Your First Visit

Don’t just sit, listen, nod and return back.

While your orthopedic doctor would likely provide you all your insights, it’s also essential that you ask your own set of questions to steer away from any confusion (and possible mistakes).

So, if this is your first orthopedic visit, for whatever reasons you’re visiting, you must have all your questions at ready that you would want your doctor to answer.

Here are 4 questions you should ask when you’re visiting your orthopedic doctor in Bangur, Kolkata, for the first time:

1. What Are Other Treatment Options/Alternatives?

Your doctor would lay out a treatment plan that best suits your condition.

However, there are many reasons why you should also be aware of other and alternative treatments.

For instance, if your orthopedic surgeon in Kolkata has recommended you for an invasive treatment but for some reason you cannot elect surgery at present, it would do well if you know the alternatives.

Or, if your condition worsens, what treatment would then be appropriate — you should know this answer to have the right frame of mind from the get-go.

So, know what treatment options you (would) have for your condition.

2. How Much Will It Cost?

Sure the cost of diagnostic tests and surgeries vary from clinics to hospitals. But doctors do have a fair idea of how much it would all ideally cost you.

Do not hesitate to ask the doctor about the cost of tests and surgeries you’re being asked to do or opt for.

This would help you have a fair idea of the financial demands ahead in the treatment course, which will buy you sufficient time to make the necessary arrangements if finance is a constraint to you.

In addition, your orthopedic doctor can also provide you much-personalized suggestions and assistance in finance, which can be of great help.

So, if you’re asked to invest in advanced treatment, tests and procedures, do discuss the cost with the doctor.

3. How Will This Affect My Lifestyle?

If you have any mild or severe condition, it’s going to affect different parts of your lifestyle. It will affect your fitness, mobility and overall health.

So, knowing how the problems you’re going through at present will affect your daily life today and in the coming months is important.

This will usually steer the conversation to the steps and measures you should take to improve your existing condition so to live a normal lifestyle.

Your orthopedic specialist will plot a fundamental arrangement, beside restorative treatment, to support your case. It would incorporate the wellness exercises you ought to engage in, the dietary changes you should make, and regular consideration you should take.

4. Is It Something To Worry About?

Doctors will never tell you about the seriousness in hard, cautious phrases like “you should get the surgery immediately”. This is to ensure you’re calmed, not panicking and in the right mindset to make the rational decision.

However, most of them wouldn’t lie either. If there’s really something serious, they would tell you about it empathetically and reassuringly.

Following, they would then assist you in the next course of action with the right procedures.

So, for the peace of your own mind, do ask your doctor if there’s anything you should be worried about.
If there is, do not panic. Listen to your doctor intently and follow her/his guidelines.

And if everything is great, celebrate it – but do not take it as your assurance that nothing bad can happen in the future. Continue taking care of bones, joints and overall health.


Doctors might not always reveal you all the details of your condition aside from guiding you “what now”. This, because it’s not always necessary, and second, they don’t always have a sufficient amount of time.

As a patient, you should take charge of it from the front to ask the right questions. This will help you avoid any confusion. To that, the more you understand your problems, the less scare will you be. Moreover, it will guide to take the right measures towards improvement.

So, don’t just sit, listen, nod and leave. Visit a good orthopedic doctor in Bangur and ask questions.

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