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3 Tips to Prevent Ligament Injuries

Don’t get to the point where you have to rush to a ligament specialist doctor in Kolkata. Take proper preventive measures to keep yourself safe from ligament injuries. Basic steps can take you a long way.

Here are three tips to prevent ligament tear:

1. Keep a check on your weight

Being overweight automatically puts you at a higher risk of getting ligament injuries. Excess weight exerts more pressure on the joints and ligaments, which increases the chances of tear. So, it’s essential you maintain your weight in the proper bracket. This means exercising regularly and getting a nutritious diet.

2. Get more active

A sedentary lifestyle leads to many orthopedic conditions. When your body isn’t getting sufficient movement or activity, the bones and muscles are getting conditioned poorly. This increases the risk of getting ligament injury, and other forms of injury. So, it’s essential that you get moving and live a more active life.

3. Stretch before the workout

This is especially true for a beginner who undermines the importance of a good warm up session before the workout regimen. Stretching your muscles improves blood flow, warming the joints and tissues, improving their flexibility. This reduces the chances of injury, including ligament tear. So, before exercising, make it a point to spend some time in the warm-up.

These are three simple but effective tips to prevent ligament injuries. There are several other things you can and should do, like wear good quality shoes that offer enough support, partake in different forms of physical activities to condition your muscles, and be careful when walking and running.

All preventive measures mentioned though, some people are more prone to orthopedic injuries. For instance, a person with vitamin D deficiency may have weaker bones and joints; they are more likely to get ligament injuries.

This is why it’s recommended to visit a specialist even when you notice a minor symptom. The best osteoarthritis doctor in Kolkata that specializes in ligament injuries can do a physical examination and make personalized recommendations to improve your orthopedic health. They can also highlight possible problems and preventive measures you should take. So, while you try to avoid ligament tears, do consider visiting an orthopedic doctor for a routine checkup.